Review: Scoop/Wedge

The Liberator Ramp and Wedge are somewhat legendary in the sex blogging community — and should be legendary in the entire world — for making sex and positioning infinitely better. I am definitely of that camp, and have been for the years since my boyfriend and I scrounged up enough money to buy the combo. I’m also in lust with my Liberator Fascinator Throws.

I’m not sure why exactly I chose the Scoop as my next Liberator shape. Perhaps it was the name. Or the thought of rocking back and forth while fucking. One thing I didn’t realize was that Liberator sends a Wedge along with the Scoop. So here I am with two Wedges, a Scoop, a Ramp, and a suddenly not-big-enough apartment. Seriously, the Scoop is enormous. I mean huge: 24″ wide, 40″ long and 12″ tall. It’s hard to visualize, I know, but take my word for it.

The problem with having such a large Liberator shape is that I start to question whether it’s worth keeping. I’ve never questioned my love for the Ramp and Wedge (which take up some space in my closet, for sure), but the Scoop… is probably going to end up in someone else’s bedroom. And I’m sure it will be cherished there, but it just doesn’t work for my boyfriend and I.

And not for lack of trying. I combed Liberator’s “Position of the Week” section for Scoop-related positions, saved the photos, arranged them in Photoshop, and printed it out. Armed with my position guide, my boyfriend and I got to work trying the positions.

But the problem with the smiley, perfect Liberator photos is that they’re smiley and perfect. The couples make the positions look effortless. And I’m here to tell you that, especially with a beast such as the Scoop and real bodies such as ours, they’re not. The hugeness of the Scoop coupled with the tallness of our bed made me feel like I was in the circus doing some sort of balancing act, and several times I felt like I was about to fall.

We realized very quickly that an edge-of-the-bed position was not going to work for us. Our bed is tall and my boyfriend is average height, so the Scoop elevated me beyond his cock’s reach. We also realized that several of the positions on the sheet were for penetration from behind, which is not a position we can really do. And we don’t have anal sex yet, so there’s that.

I felt the most secure in this position, with one Wedge tucked under the Scoop and one Wedge supporting my head. This was my boyfriend’s favorite position, as he was able to stand while he went down on me. However, due to the downward angle of my body, I couldn’t really watch him suck my cock, and that was sad.

We attempted the 69 position in this picture, but my legs grew tired very quickly and we both decided that a regular, on the bed 69 would be better (perhaps with the Wedge propped under his head).

We even tried using the Scoop on the floor. It was decent with the rounded side down (finally, our genitals were aligned!), but I kept slipping forward on my Throw. And the other way, with the rounded side up and my boyfriend sitting on the bump, he quickly grew tired of having nothing to lean back on.

Ultimately, there is not a position involving the Scoop/Wedge that works for us for intercourse. The only thing it works for is oral, but that position requires two Wedges. This leads me to wonder if there is much of a benefit to owning the Scoop/Wedge combo rather than the Ramp/Wedge combo. And most of the time, the answer is no. A lot of what can be achieved with the Scoop/Wedge can also be achieved with the Ramp/Wedge, and several things can be achieved with a higher degree of pleasure and a lesser degree of falling over.

I appreciate, of course, Liberator’s wacky and unending ideas for shapes, and their tip-top quality. A couple bloggers who have had more success with the Scoop — especially Essin’ Em, who notes how helpful the Scoop is for people with bad knees — but it was too unwieldy and awkward for us. Ah well, back to the Ramp and Wedge(s)!

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