Guest Review: Luna Beads

LELO Luna Beads kegel balls lying on white satin.

It was my glowing endorsement of the LELO Luna Beads that convinced Rachelle to get them. But beyond that, her job as a waitress needed some sprucing up. And sprucing up it got! She messaged me to tell me all about her honeymoon with the Luna Beads:

I am in love. From the time the first little ball went in I knew something wonderful was about to happen. I felt the weight twirl in the silicone casing as it settled and was HOOKED. It was my first night with ANYTHING foreign in me, so I did the only LOGICAL thing… Worked an 8 hour shift in a restaurant with them in 🙂 It was a beautiful night. Didn’t even care when 2 customers fought and knocked over several of my tables. Every menial task now served a greater purpose… to feel those amazing little vibrations. I must have walked the restaurant at least 100 times last night, for no reason whatsoever. I swear, I am going to lose so much weight from these things!

Also, I now have a new found love for speedbumps. I hit every one on my way out of my work’s parking lot… WOW!

Got home and discovered a use that you did not blog about. I don’t know if you are strictly a toys girl or if digital masturbation works for you, but these things are AMAZING in that capacity. I don’t know if it would work for those who are used to toys and stronger vibrations, but these worked wonders for me. I popped them in and out, made them vibrate as hard as possible, and any other thing I thought might feel good. And it did. I was actually able to squirt by holding them in with one hand and tugging like a madwoman. LOVE THEM. Don’t know how I ever survived without them.

Damn, girl! You are a masturbating genius! And now you’ve exposed me — I’ve never actually tried masturbating with the Luna Beads in. I should hop to that!

Get the LELO Luna Beads at one of my fave shops:
SheVibe, LELOPleasure Chest, Enby, or Lovehoney (international).