Review: The Private Life of Josh Elliot

Genre: Gay
Director: George Duroy
Length: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Cast: Josh Elliot, Ethan Clarke, Benjamin Bloom, Jeff Daniels, Ralph Woods, Alex Orioli, Luke Hamill, Dolph Lambert, Andre Pagnol

Overview: The Private Life of Josh Elliot is a compilation of scenes starring Josh Elliot, a Czech guy and quintessential twink who is apparently a big star with Bel Ami (I’m not up with the times). Interspersed between the scenes are mini-scenes of photoshoots with mushy music over them, and interviews with Josh. Josh doesn’t speak English very well, so the interviews are in his native language and subtitled.

Special Features: Compilations of “Oral,” “Anal,” and “Cum” moments from the scenes, and a preview for The Private Life of Brandon Manilow. I don’t really understand the point of the compilations, so I’d say this stuff barely counts as extra.

Audio/Video Quality: As far as I know, this was not shot in HD. It’s regular old 4:3, and doesn’t look especially crisp or spectacular. However, the lighting is nice for the most part in the scenes. The photoshoots in particular are overlaid with a soft filter of some sort, so they look dream-like and yellowy. The real scenes vary in light source, but all of them have sufficient light and look normal.

Most the scenes sounded fine to me. The mics don’t pick up every little sound — you can’t hear any of the sounds of them actually fucking — but oh well. The shower scene is a bit noisy.

Scene 1: Josh Elliot

Although on the DVD menu this is listed as the first scene, it’s just footage from a photoshoot with Josh. Things of note: they are outside, the photographer is in nothing but a speedo, Josh is uncut, and there is twinkly music for most of the scene until Josh comes on his chest.

Scene 2: Josh Elliot + Ethan Clarke

As the first real sex scene on the disc, this one’s a disappointment. It’s a scene from very early in Josh’s career, when he apparently played a more passive role (according to the pre-scene interview). There is nothing inherently wrong with the sex itself (the usual blowjobs, sprinkling of nipple play, a couple unimaginative positions, then each guy jacking off to a predictable solo climax), but the entire scene is dominated by the cameraman dictating their actions. Nearly everything the guys do is because they are told to do it. How am I supposed to enjoy watching a blowjob when the subtitle comes up for the cameraman saying “what about your tongue on the tip”? No.

Additionally, Josh’s novice status is clear in his face, which looks as though he is on an acid trip most of the time — eyes half open, I guess to indicate pleasure. Too bad, because Ethan is pretty cute.

Scene 3: Josh Elliot + Benjamin Bloom

Another photoshoot with twinkly music over it. The guys are on a bed in an overpoweringly yellow room, posing. In the last couple of seconds, Josh comes onto Benjamin’s ass.

Scene 4: Josh Elliot + Jeff Daniels

The cameraman happens upon Josh and Jeff taking their morning shower, so they decide to give him a show. First, Jeff sucks Josh’s cock. Water is flying everywhere, and the cameras shoot from above, from the side, and even through the shower door. Unlike many other shower scenes I’ve seen, the guys are right under the water, rather than beside it. The beads of water that bounce off their faces and cocks make this scene much hotter. Josh sucks Jeff off, and Jeff comes on Josh’s chest. They decide to ditch the shower, and Josh fucks Jeff over the toilet and against the wall, then comes on his ass.

This was a very enjoyable scene, due to the watery setting, great camerawork, and Josh and Jeff’s vocalizations of pleasure.

Scene 5: Josh Elliot + Ralph Woods

Josh and Ralph meet outside somewhere. Back at the house, Ralph drops his shorts, revealing his incredibly long and sexy cock. Ralph promptly drops to his knees to suck Josh’s cock while Josh sits on a table. Ralph’s big lips envelop Josh’s cock perfectly, and Ralph strokes himself as he sucks. Ralph challenges Josh to suck his big cock, so they move to the couch and Josh gets to work. Josh can’t deep-throat him, but he does his best, even admitting that sucking him off makes his jaw sore. So he switches to jacking Ralph off until he comes on his own chest.

Cut to a bedroom, a bed with yellow and green pastel bedding. Josh fucks Ralph at a steady pace, causing Ralph to not only smile but get hard again while they fuck. They only fuck in two positions, but both guys moan readily, and both come hard (each of them onto Ralph’s chest). This scene was pretty hot, mostly because Ralph is adorable and his cock is amazing.

Scene 6: Josh Elliot + Alex Orioli

Alex is an old friend of Josh’s, and they’ve known each other a long time. Perhaps that is why this is the standout scene of the disc. On a bed, Alex and Josh make out furiously, groaning, licking nipples and smacking asses. Although short-lived because the guys are so horny, this is one hot-ass bit of foreplay. Alex quickly gets to Josh’s cock and balls, sucking them passionately so that Josh starts grinding his hips up toward Alex’s mouth. Then they switch and Josh sucks Alex’s cock. Alex, on his knees and leaning back against the headboard, rocks his hips and fucks Josh’s mouth.

After this, they sixty-nine for a short while, then they fuck. There’s nothing especially exciting about their fucking, but it’s hot because they’re both really into it. Alex comes while Josh is fucking him. Josh, still unsatisfied, leans against the bed frame, rubbing his cock over Alex’s sweaty asshole until Alex starts riding him. It doesn’t take long before Josh cums — hard, and all over Alex’s ass. Yum.

Scene 7: Josh Elliot + Luke Hamill

Yet another photoshoot scene. And this one is doubly disappointing because Luke Hamill is a babe and we don’t get to see them fuck.

Scene 8: Josh Elliot + Dolph Lambert

Josh and Dolph (what an unfortunate name), on a large chair/couch, make out and stroke each others’ cocks. Dolph goes down on Josh and continues sucking at half of Josh’s cock. Then Dolph stands up and Josh goes to work on his cock. Josh is still on the couch, so in return, Dolph jacks him off and Josh comes on himself.

Cut to Dolph lying back on the couch, his cock in Josh’s mouth, and Josh magically hard again. Josh teases Dolph’s ass with his finger, then fucks him in one position for a long time, until they switch to doggie. Josh comes on Dolph’s ass and Dolph comes while jacking off. There’s really nothing special about this scene. Maybe I’m just adverse to the name “Dolph,” but it didn’t do much for me.

Scene 9: Luke Hamill + Andre Pagnol

Luke and Andre are making out heavily, hard already and pressing their cocks together. Luke, on his stomach with his ass looking amazing, sucks Andre’s cock. Andre is on his knees. It’s a wet, incredibly hot blowjob — probably the best on the disc. Luke makes eye contact with Andre, and Andre keeps whimpering. Then they sixty-nine. Andre is more tentative, but Josh isn’t, consistently swallowing Andre’s cock. Andre sits up on the couch Luke leans over him, offering his cock to him. Although the blowjob is fairly lightweight, it’s still hot.

Luke then fucks Andre with Andre’s leg on his shoulder, stroking him as he fucks him. Then they switch to a reverse cowgirl (boy?) position, with Andre riding Luke’s cock. Luke sucks on Andre’s nipple and strokes him as he pushes his cock up into him. Luke fucks him at a nice pace, sometimes switching into jackhammer mode. In the end, Luke cums in Andre’s mouth.

Summary: Three of the “scenes” on this disc are actually photoshoots, so there are really only six scenes altogether, and of those six, two were duds. That leaves four scenes that I enjoyed watching (and would watch again), which is a decent number. Josh’s interviews between the scenes were actually enjoyable and interesting to watch, so that was also a plus. I’d definitely recommend The Private Life of Josh Elliot, as the four good scenes are sexy, with the performers really enjoying themselves.