Review: Blue Tip Clear Rings dildo

Before this dildo, I’d never owned anything from Don Wands. But I know their company name, because they are makers of affordable glass dildos — a rarity in the sex toy market. In fact, they make a dildo that is disturbingly similar to my favorite glass dildo… for $60 cheaper. Creepy, I know.

The Don Wands Blue Tip Clear Rings, also known as the Blue Ruling Wand, came in a cheesy plastic package that really didn’t do the toy justice. The package, I found out too late, was secured together by staples, so I scratched my finger while opening it.

I was pleased to find that the dildo came with a packet of lube and a well-padded lavender bag. The bag is made out of regular plush fabric, nothing special or especially soft, but padding is all that matters to me. It’s also a long bag and, I venture to guess, could hold any dildo up to 10.5 inches or so. Unfortunately, the drawstring doesn’t close the rim of the bag very tightly and leaves a space about half an inch in diameter. Watch out, or your dildo might escape!

The lube packet is Wet Platinum, which is a silicone-based lube. But I only learned that from Wet’s website, not the packet itself (which actually doesn’t even say “lubricant” or anything on it, just boasts about the stuff staying “slick under water” and being “doctor recommended”). I would assume most consumers would use the lube packet with the toy they bought it with, and so this isn’t a huge misstep, but I would hate for someone to assume the lube is water-based and use it with a silicone toy.

Despite that bit of confusion, I enjoyed the lube quite a bit, and it was especially great paired with the dildo. Believe it or not, I had never tried silicone-based lube before this, so I was impressed by the silky texture of it, and the fact that it really doesn’t ever get sticky. Usually I have to continually wipe my fingers off to remove the water-based lube from them, but this stuff clung to my skin like a nice massage oil. The best part, however, was what the lube did when I accidentally got it on the handle of the dildo. It dried. And it dried with absolutely no stickiness, just a thin layer of residue that was easily washed off later. Miraculous.

Jeez, enough about the lube. Let’s talk about the dildo! First, I should mention that I was originally attracted to this dildo because it is unlike any other glass dildo I own. It has an odd shape to it, but a shape that appealed to me because I really enjoy textured glass. Plus, I believe that it’s pretty difficult to fuck up a glass toy.

But here’s the thing. Yes, the rings feel wonderful sliding into me. Don Wands describes them as providing an “undulating” sensation, and that’s about right. But the rings only last for 3 1/2 inches. After that, things get awkward. I tried just thrusting with the first 3 1/2 inches, but that wasn’t enough length to satisfy me. So I inserted the toy and thrust the ribbed part while it was all inside of me. That was actually difficult to do, and didn’t provide much extra sensation.

So I kept going back and forth between these two methods of thrusting, but neither one really did it for me. It wasn’t a bad experience by any means, but I’ve had much better with glass toys. In my opinion, this could be an amazing dildo if the entire shaft was made up of rings. Of course, that would make the toy a total pain in the ass to clean. It’s already hard enough to clean the crevasses between the rings; I have to use my fingernail. A lot.

The Don Wands Blue Tip Clear Rings is the first glass dildo that has not fully satisfied me. However, I enjoyed using it, and I bet it would work for others.

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