Don Wands

Don Wands was a low-end glass toy manufacturer which folded sometime in 2015. One time a million years ago, they were total dicks to me. But mostly, their toys were just boring knock-offs.

Not exactly forgiven

Some time has passed since the bulk of the hoopla with Don Wands/Glow Industries — remember the weekend of questionable blog comments and unapologetic apology-laden emails from “Don” and “Chuck” at Don Wands? Since then, my opinion of Don Wands as a company has continued to fluctuate. Here’s why. First, Monday (June 29th) rolled around. On this day, as I suspected, the rest of the office came back to work, and I began to hear from more voices at Don Wands and Glow Industries. The first was an email from Doogie, a sales representative at Glow Industries, which read, in part: First off I would like to apologize for all the rude and disrespectful comments that were posted by Don . . . read more

Don Wands keeps digging

“Our remarks were appropriate.” —Email to me from Don Wands I knew this Don Wands fiasco was not over when I woke up to 16 new emails. Two bloggers, Miss KissThis and Amber of Divergent Dance, emailed Don Wands yesterday and expressed their disappointment about Don’s comment on my review of the Treeze Wave. They both received replies from Don Wands today (read about MKT’s here), as did I (I emailed them alerting them to my response post and asked for them to address this issue). Their email to me, from someone named “Chuck,” asked me to remove my response post (um, no) and specified that their email was “off the record” and for my eyes only. As you might imagine, only . . . read more

Or you could get defensive

When I write a negative review of a toy, I don’t expect to ever hear from the company that produced it — and I usually don’t. I’ll be the first to admit that my negative reviews can get very snarky, so I’m not shocked by this. But recently I wrote a review of the OhMiBod in which I called it a “shoddy piece of crap,” and to my great surprise, I received a very positive email response from the company. In the email, I was offered a chance to try a new wireless version of the OhMiBod. The email ended, Thanks also for the critical review of our first one. We’ve fixed a couple of issues you talked about but people . . . read more

Review: Treeze Wave

Review: Treeze Wave

I used to hold to the unfounded belief that making any material vibrate would be an accomplishment. Trying the Don Wands Treeze Wave wooden vibrator, however, solidified my newly-established conviction that some materials just don’t need to vibrate — and wood is one of them. Don Wands would like you to believe that this vibrator is made entirely of wood (hence “Treeze”…), but the truth is easily uncovered: it’s a wood/urethane hybrid. I’m proud of their unabashedness (the material type is not hidden in a small font or anything), but I’m perturbed that I have no idea what percentage is wood and what percentage is urethane. The packaging is quick to point out all the positive aspects of this toy: it’s . . . read more

Review: Blue Tip Clear Rings dildo

Review: Blue Tip Clear Rings dildo

Before this dildo, I’d never owned anything from Don Wands. But I know their company name, because they are makers of affordable glass dildos — a rarity in the sex toy market. In fact, they make a dildo that is disturbingly similar to my favorite glass dildo… for $60 cheaper. Creepy, I know. The Don Wands Blue Tip Clear Rings, also known as the Blue Ruling Wand, came in a cheesy plastic package that really didn’t do the toy justice. The package, I found out too late, was secured together by staples, so I scratched my finger while opening it. I was pleased to find that the dildo came with a packet of lube and a well-padded lavender bag. The bag is . . . read more

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