New arrival: Ophoria Pleasure No. 6

Ophoria Pleasure No. 6

Today the mail guy brought me the Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 dildo. I was surprised to find that it is smaller in girth than the average dildo, and also that it is very stiff. Sometimes I wonder if there is a conspiracy going on surrounding pure silicone. The Tantus Ripple is extremely pliable and has a somewhat tacky texture to it, whereas this dildo barely bends at all and has a softish texture. What does it all mean? Does anyone know? Are there different ways to treat silicone, resulting in different-feeling toys?

Anyway, it’s a very cute dildo, and I’m actually okay with the pinkish-purple color. Also, it has a suction cup on the base. It definitely sticks to my coffee table and my tub, but those aren’t exactly ideal fucking spots for me. I want to fuck it on my bed. Should I just stick it to a large and shiny book? Perhaps Kurt Cobain’s Journals? Hmm…

My review will come later, but I’m pretty impressed with the packaging and presentation of this dildo. I checked out the Ophoria Toys website, and it is quite slick and attractive too. Actually, now I’m lusting after their ridged vibrator, the Bliss No. 8. Damn.