So kiss me and smile for me…

NobEssence Seduction among some green leaves.
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Today I sent one of my favorite toys away.

It was my NobEssence Seduction. It developed white splotches in one area that wouldn’t wash off. I emailed NobEssence and got a very prompt reply along with a UPS shipping label. They want to examine the toy and either repair or replace it. While I’m really impressed by their response and will be interested to see what they discover…

I’m gonna miss that freaking dildo! Immensely. It’s one of my favorite dildos of all time, especially for G-spot stimulation. I’ve bonded with it a lot recently, coming to love the large curved end even more than I did before. And I squirted with it, which might explain the white splotches. And, admittedly, sometimes I suck at cleaning my toys in a timely manner.

Anyway, last night I had a farewell fuck with my Seduction (hey, don’t judge!). Then I cleaned it, tucked it in some bubble wrap, and dropped it off today at the UPS store. It will be a long couple of weeks.