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I’m doing something nuts, peeps. I’m starting a newsletter. You may have heard little rumblings about this on Twitter, but I figured an actual announcement might be a good idea. Besides, I thought of a way to bribe you into subscribing: I’m going to give away a sex toy to one random subscriber! As to ~build suspense~, I won’t tell you which toy or when you have to subscribe by. But someone will win, and the only way to win is to subscribe.

Other than a potential free sex toy, one good reason to subscribe would be if you don’t follow RSS feeds and don’t want to get emails each time I update, as the Snark Digest (which will come out once a month, mid-month or so) will include a round-up of my latest posts. But it will also include EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!, such as upcoming sex toy news, Toy of the Month, links I’ve loved/abhorred, and my personal favorite, Stupidest Email of the Month. How will I ever choose just one?

I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this (and suggestions are very much welcome!), but I’m excited. There is something thrilling and old school about newsletters. Did any of you ever subscribe to zines on AOL back in the day? I used to run one of those, and I can still taste the sweet, sweet webdings. I’m looking forward to doing that again… minus the webdings. And teenage angst.

Into the great wide open, y’all. I’m learning to fly (but I ain’t got wings). Join me and maybe win a sex toy?!