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Hell Yes: <i>Alice</i>

Hell Yes: Alice

I don’t even really know the plot of Alice in Wonderland, and yet Erica McLean and Carlos Batts’s upcoming porno Alice is making me, um, very excited. I’ve known about Alice since December, and will periodically watch the trailer and get myself amped up all over again. It’s one of the most badass porn trailers ever made. Go watch it. I mean, seriously — Evan Stone as the Mad Hatter (obvs!), Sunny Lane as Alice (aw!), April Flores as the Queen of Hearts (genius!)… and a bunch of other hotties that I enjoy watching quite a bit. I know Erica McLean is capable of awesome things — just look at the costuming in Hardcore Circus and you’ll see. Judging by the . . . read more

Review: Hardcore Circus

Review: Hardcore Circus

A circus is a hard thing to pull off in a porno, which is why I was half-expecting the scenery of Erica McLean’s Hardcore Circus to be a room with a couple balloons in it. In this sense, I grossly underestimated both the set and the costuming of Hardcore Circus. Almost all of the scenes take place in a large circus tent littered with sawdust, a swing, a cage, a trampoline, and other fitting props. And the performers are decked out in some serious carnivalesque outfits: top hats, pinstriped shirts, gaudy jewelry, suspenders, a sequined gymnast/trapeze suit… In another showing of decadence, Hardcore Circus is 2 hours, 10 minutes long and features an excessive seven scenes (eight if you count the very . . . read more

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