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Review: Mia

Plugged into my laptop.
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[Update: LELO has updated the Mia twice since this review.
Read my review of the 1.5 version and the Mia 2.

Plugged into my laptop.Here is who I am: I got very excited when I received a 2GB jumpdrive as a gift. I anxiously await every new version of Firefox. I install a bazillion extensions and scripts to customize it. I have a dual monitor set-up. Oh, and I’m on the computer 24/7.

So how could I resist Mia? Not only is this vibe adorable as hell (and I’m not a fan of pink, but this is a beautiful dark fuchsia color and I like it quite a bit), it charges via USB. I’d heard rumors that it wasn’t mind-bendingly powerful, but it didn’t matter; my arsenal simply would not be complete without a USB rechargeable vibrator.

Mia is made of plastic, with a silver part around the middle and a cap that pops off. The plus and minus buttons, just under the silver on the rounded end, are made of silicone, so they’re soft to the touch and don’t get too slippery. I was surprised originally, because I always assumed the flat end (with “LELO” on it) was the end you were supposed to use on your clit. Nope, the rounded end is for that. The vibration travels throughout the body of the vibe, so I did try using the flat end, but it’s not as powerful.

I counted about seven levels of constant vibration. After that, you can switch into pulsation land and there are three types of pulsating vibration levels there (short interval, intermediate interval, and extended interval). Also, there aren’t breaks in the vibration — just lower levels of vibration — between the pulses. I prefer this type of pulsation over the stop-and-go of other vibes I’ve used.

Despite the wonderful options for vibration, I ultimately wanted stronger vibrations. That’s not to say that Mia is weak — definitely not. It’s just not strong enough for my lame clit, which requires quite a bit of stimulation. In terms of noise, Mia isn’t silent, and the higher vibration levels are even more not silent. It’s not loud, just not quiet enough to be used while waiting to deposit your paycheck at the bank.

Oddly, when using it, I noticed that I was swirling Mia around in a circular motion around my clit. Normally I like to just press vibes against my clit (and by “normally” I mean “all the time”). I think I reverted to this method because just pressing it against my clit wasn’t quite enough, but moving it in circles added to the sensation and felt more like a finger. It was quite nice, and I would encourage all Mia owners to try it if general pressing doesn’t suffice.

Other plus-sides to Mia: it comes with a one-year warranty; it comes with a white satin drawstring pouch; it alerts you when the charge is low. One downside: the cap doesn’t lock into place, and there isn’t an O-ring or anything inside, so I have to be extra cautious when washing it.

Even if the vibrations weren’t powerful enough for me, I’m impressed by the thought that clearly went into making this cute little gadget. I may not use Mia much in my crazily-long masturbation sessions at home, but I will definitely be throwing it in my bag when I go places. While it is possible it could raise some eyebrows because I never have any make-up, tampons, or pink items in my bag in the first place, it’s still more discreet than any other vibe I own. Plus, I don’t have to pack batteries or worry about it turning on during class or while I buy my groceries; the geniuses at LELO also made sure to protect all of us from potential embarrassment by allowing Mia to be “locked” by pressing both the plus and minus buttons at the same time. Yesss.

Get the LELO Mia at one of my fave shops:
SheVibe, LELOBabeland, Pleasure Chest, or Lovehoney (international).

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  1. I, too, was a bit underwhelmed by the vibration level – despite my great love for it being a USB rechargeable.

    As I said in my review, it could only be even better in the USB arena if it also *actually* were a USB flash drive. Play the porn, then get with the same device!

  2. I’ve been underwhelmed by lelo’s clit toys as well. The Mia, however, seems to have less distance between the motor and outer wall of the toy so it is slightly better than the Nea even though they do have the same motor. Also, they do technically have variant speeds- experimenting with quick presses and long presses in combination can get you many different speeds, as it seems to cycle through many different levels, and people just get the thought that its the same few speeds cause they press at the same interval each time. If you press it super super lightly I’ve managed to get mine to come on while vibrating so lightly you actually almost can’t feel it- so its fun just to mess around with it, being that its not too useful for me really getting off any time soon. It also is great for the novelty factor, especially have you have an xbox 360 or something else with use ports, you can charge the toy off of your game system if your computer dies. Or of course take it around with you and charge it when and where-ever. it just looks like a flash drive, so nobody would be the wiser.

  3. Haha, I usually do too to be honest. When I do use it, I use it as more of a foreplay toy in other areas rather than diving between my legs. If you have the time to do it, the more gentle levels are pretty good for that much at least- and it’s small enough to be used during sex or with other toys.
    I still typically reach for other things- I have things just as ergonomic and with more power, but its not a total loss and its cuteness earns it some points for me, at least. (Plus I kinda feel like I have to somewhat like it and the Nea since I paid full price for them both.. Then found a $30 pocket rocket that does it better… eugh. ) Perhaps I am not sophisticated enough to appreciate ‘lust objects’?

  4. I really wish this one was stronger – It’s so adorable and easy to travel with! Unfortunately I only use it during travel because there are just better vibes out there :/

  5. Hmmm, perhaps I might give this a try some day . . . especially if they come out with a new and improved version with stronger vibes.

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