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The dual orgasm

I have discovered it: orgasmic utopia. It first happened on October 5th; I wrote, “I have discovered the dual, synchronized orgasm. G-spot and clitoral at the same time. Life will never be the same.”

I can’t think of a fancy name for it, and dual is just what it is. Annie Sprinkle calls it a “combination-gasm.” One of my Twitter followers offered, “I’d call it a miracle!” It’s also been called a “blended orgasm,” which — while I do like smoothies — was ruined forever for me when I read this article from Cosmopolitan (actual sentence: “Plus, men love it when a woman really loses herself in lust”).

I thought about it, though, and it doesn’t really feel blended to me. It feels, well, like all the delights of a G-spot orgasm and all the delights of a clitoral orgasm happening at the same time. An orgasmfest. A conglomeration. But for the sake of making sense, I’m going to call it a dual orgasm. Suck it, Cosmo.

This type of orgasm has been unavailable to me in the past for one primary reason: my G-spot requires very intense, extended stimulation before it will bestow upon me an orgasm (usually with ejaculation involved). In the past, every G-spot toy I used required me to thrust crazily — and I mean crazily — to get this result. So usually I would do that, ejaculate, breathe, then start stimulating my clit to induce a second orgasm.

No more. Now I can have both at once. And it’s all thanks to the Pure Wand, the first G-spot dildo I’ve found that requires little arm strain and yet produces ridiculous G-spot orgasms. With the Pure Wand in my vagina, the Eroscillator on my clit, and a superb sense of timing, I can achieve this glorious dual orgasm. (These two toys are such a perfect coupling that they have prompted me to wonder on Twitter, “should I just quit reviewing toys now?”)

The dual orgasm feels really, really good — and really intense. There’s just nothing like squirting, hard and wet, while the waves of clitoral orgasm simultaneously wash over me. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t addicting as hell.

But it’s not easy, and it involves restraint and attentiveness. I have to monitor the orgasm status of both my vagina and my clit, then sync them up. It’s not something I want to deal with every time I jack off. That would be too tiring anyway.

But when I do want to take on the challenge, succeeding makes me feel kinda like I just conquered the world. The world of orgasms. And that’s pretty good for a girl who only learned to squirt a year ago, eh?

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  1. Ugh, Cosmo. I’m glad we’re going to abandon their terminology. They are so lame. It’s too bad the Pure Wand and the Eroscillator are so expensive or I’d buy one for everyone.

  2. Well congrats. I was going to ask if you’d already achieved G-spot orgasm but I see you have. Not sure what I’d call it but I wouldn’t say it’s blended. That’s not what I consider simultaneous G-spot and clit orgasms. Enjoy anyway!

  3. The Pure Wand is one of my very favorite toys ever. Definitely my favorite g-spot toy, and probably my favorite not-vibe by far. Now I just need to get my hands on an eroscillator. Which will take a long time. Because I am very broke.

  4. I used to think Cosmo was something I could look forward to reading, now I feel sorry for women who are addicted to it – it’s like reading a pre-teen magazine. Some of those statements were like, DUH…and some of them were like “Wow…are you really that stupid?!” but…I do research on the stuff. I don’t need some stupid cosmo telling me what I really *have* to do. Shut up, blond bizzatch, I’m doin it my way.

    I am SOO stoked you found the duel! I haven’t yet, but I just learned to squirt last month. Er, still learning. YEAH Pure wand! Wish I had one. I think that’ll be my second toy to lust after.

  5. That’s so cool. I love that you have described the techniques, but I would like to see even more in depth of how your achieved this. In what fashion you used each toy. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have tried different techniques and toys to see which gets me there to both C-spot & G-spot combined orgasms the best. I know many women still cannot achieve G-spot orgasm, and I wonder how much of that is wrong technique and misinformation? So, I think any info we share about methods and techniques is helpful to other people who are trying to accomplish the same thing. And… since you are writing a orgasm journal now, a perfect opportunity to share your techniques!

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