Mar 302010

It’s probably unfair for me to feature a sex toy line that doesn’t even exist, but seriously, these are the definition of beautiful.


Woodvibes were concocted by an industrial designer named Jonas Lönborg, for his master’s project at The Danish Design School. As such, they are only very, very alluring prototypes. Jonas’s aim was this:

I wanted to create something that could be used by both sexes, instead of following the ‘classic’ male/female patterns of use. I also wanted to create something that was beautiful, but ‘un-sexy’ enough that you could have them displayed in your living room if you wanted to. The ‘stones’ are charged via induction while in the box/plate, but when you pick them up they come alive in your hand. Each stone vibrates in its own pattern.

Androgynous wooden vibrators. Dreamy sigh. Anyone up for a trip to Denmark to steal the prototypes? The status on this project is listed thusly: “prototypes done, technology matured, looking for production/investor.”

Um, someone, please, make these amazing wooden vibrators happen.

  • OMG! I stumbled across these the other day, and was totally drooling. They are so absolutely gorgeous. I don’t care if they sound like the love child of a hitachi and a banshee and have the power of a button cell bullet, I want one. Or 5.

  • @Luscious Lily: EXACTLY.

  • Shannon D


  • Ooo…would be even better if a couple of them heat up. totally could be passed off as body massagers to others.

  • On my way to Denmark to steal them…

  • I have a crush on these. Some clever company should make them so I can pout about how I can’t afford them STAT!

  • Alex

    Gorgeous. Brilliant idea. Perhaps they will come to be! And Lilly nailed it on the warming idea. Ok, so who’s got a ton of cash out there?

  • I’m with you! WAYYY TO luscious! I want to join Juicy Justine in Denmark to get them!

  • You can do sex toys for a degree project? Why the fuck didn’t somebody tell me this when I was shopping schools after taking the SATs?

    Sheesh. I’m always the last to know.

  • droolworthy

  • Selective Sensualist

    Oh, god. I WANT! I MUST HAVE! This is totally unfair that this is dropped before our noses like a dangling carrot that is out of reach. (Cry.) 🙁

  • namelesschaos

    You know I’ve read this post before and went “want”; but I didn’t click link that first time. So now I’m “WANT! WANT!” Somebody give this individual some funding!

  • Aard Rinn

    I am totally going to buy a couple of bullet vibes and make these in my shop class. All you have to do is make river stone shapes and drill them out, than make a cap to cover the hole, then put in the bullet when i get home, right? But from what sorts of wood, i wonder?

  • WHY HAVE THESE NOT BEEN MADE YET? Charged by induction? Wood?! Androgynous? Pretty? They’re making my ability to grammar melt… I really want these to exist.

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