Sep 182011

When Sexcuse Moi asked if I wanted to do a special promotion and offer a discount on a certain toy, I knew which one immediately: the Pure Wand.

This toy is the best thing that will ever happen to your G-spot. I wish I could give everyone in the world a Pure Wand. Since that is impossible, I offer you a consolation in the form of $30 off.

The Pure Wand is regularly $110, but put the code HEYEPIPHORA in the promotional code box during check-out, and your Pure Wand will be discounted by 30 bucks. Plus, it will ship for free.

If you needed an excuse to buy this impossibly amazing hunk of stainless steel, here’s your chance. Take it!

(This discount code expires at the end of the day on November 15th.)

  • Stephanie

    Well, I know what I’m getting myself for my birthday! 😀


    If I didn’t have one already, I would be pissing myself with joy.

    Since I do, I’d just like to comment to note that your alt text on the advert for it (“This toy is a G-spot homing missile”) is downright amazing.

  • I’ve always wondered about this particular toy…it looks interesting. I just bought an evolved g-spot vibrating dildo and wow. g-spot toys, who knew??!!

    Someday i hope to have a wee bit extra to indulge in a kewl toy like this (i’ve also spent time oogling wooden dildos…) but with 4 kids and a vanilla wife… sex toys have a low priority just now. sad. but true.

  • Peachums

    I love you. <3

  • pnknailpolish

    Oooh Happy Birthday to me!

  • Andrea

    I have been lusting after this toy since January when I read your original review on it. Since then I have scoured the internet for the best deal. I guess patience pays off b/c I just saw this post and immediately ordered it from sexcusemoi! Thank you to you and for this awesome discount! I am incredibly excited!

  • Nitemayr

    The Missus is very excited for this one… we’re very hopeful that it will result in some very fun evenings with new experiences…

  • Destiny Cat

    why oh why did i find your blog so late?

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