A few changes around here

I hope you're as excited as I am!

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Don’t crucify me, peeps, but I’m starting to get burnt out on reviewing sex toys. I know, I know! Of course, I’m too obsessed with sex toys to ever completely stop writing about them. But I feel like I need to change things up a little around here so I can keep my sanity. You’ll still read, won’t you? I’ll still bring my trademark snark; I’ll just be broadening my reviewing horizons a bit.

For example, there are a lot of innovative and groundbreaking sex products that I’ve overlooked in the past for judgmental reasons, and I think they deserve a fair shake. So in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled for in-depth reviews of the RhinoStepGloryholeTriple Extreme Male StrengthenerCum Cloth, and Bipartisan Bunny.

Also, ebooks! I’ve come to realize the great value of ebooks to reviewers. I’m already halfway through the fabulous Wife 2 Mistress, and I have another book about sexual development for men all queued up on my Kindle. If you have an ebook you’d like me to review, don’t even ask me if I’m interested — simply email it to me and I’d be happy to make time in my schedule to read and critique it.

I’ll also be reviewing some porn made by Khan Tusion, which should be fun. All the enlightening and articulate comments I’ve received from men on my post about Khan Tusion have shown me how wrong I was in my previous assumptions, and I want to make up for that with copious reviews of his revolutionary work.

Aside from reviewing new and different stuff, I will now be accepting paid posts. Approximately 50% of my posts will be written by the gracious people who always email me offering to supply me with engaging content. I trust that they are correct when they tell me that my readers will appreciate what they have to say. It’s a win-win situation, really: I make extra cash and my readers get quality info written by stand-up people.

Last but not least, I plan to accept link exchanges and banner exchanges from anyone who asks me nicely. I will also be joining and promoting any affiliate program that is offered to me, because a lot of them sound pretty promising. I hope to start generating money the moment I place their links and ads on my site.

As a result of these changes, the space for actual posts on my blog will need to become smaller — probably around 200 pixels wide to make room for the sidebar ads and links. Don’t worry, the posts will still be legible when copy/pasted into Word.

I hope you’re as excited about these changes as I am!