Review: Be Be

It’s not every day you receive a postcard along with a sex toy. Along with a packet of materials explaining and promoting the toy itself, my package included a postcard of a panoramic photo of Thirroul, NSW Australia. On the back was written, “we thought we’d send you a postcard of where the Be Be was born. Enjoy!” My package also included a bookmark, which pointedly asked, “Do you really feel like reading?”

Lisa and Kris, two friends and mothers, hatched the idea of designing a vibrator after having a conversation about the ridiculousness of sex toy packaging and male-designed toys. They launched their adorably-titled company Love Being Woman, and with it, the Be Be vibrator.

One wonderful thing about the Be Be is the obvious care and attention that went into it. It comes with a black satin drawstring bag, perfectly sized for the plastic egg that holds the Be Be. The egg is freakishly adorable, and has a space for batteries just beneath where the vibrator sits. It even came with batteries (two AA), and we all know that’s a rarity.

The Be Be is made of phthalate-free PC/ABS plastic and is about six inches long and two inches wide. The battery compartment, opposite the two buttons, is supposed to just snap off. Sometimes it’s easy for me; other times I feel like I’m about to break the thing. The transparent material surrounding the buttons glows red when the vibrator is on.

There are no distinct vibration levels; holding down the right-hand button makes the vibration increase without pause, from a barely-existent jitter to a not-much-louder rumble. There are no fancy vibration patterns. The left-hand button decreases the vibration slowly, while holding down both buttons at once turns the Be Be off immediately.

My clit is picky. My favorite clitoral stimulator has a semi-pointy tip, so that should tell you a lot — I’m all about the pinpoint stimulation. Unfortunately, the Be Be’s shape is not made for this type of stimulation. Holding its head (the button end) on my clit feels nice, but I quickly turn the Be Be all the way up, wanting more. The highest vibration level is pretty middle-of-the-road: not too weak, not too strong.  Even on this level, the Be Be is impressively quiet, but it rattles when I press it too hard into my clit — which is my instinct, since I want stronger vibrations. The highest vibration level could get me off if I really concentrated, but I’m not sure I would want it to.

I also found the Be Be’s shape slightly too long for me, though not altogether uncomfortable to hold.

Switching to pinpoint stimulation after using the Be Be reminded me of how much I prefer pinpoint. However, that is my personal preference, and those who enjoy diffuse stimulation (and don’t need a ton of power) might love the Be Be. My only real reservation about this vibrator is its price tag: $129.95 AUD, which is $102.82 USD. For that kind of money, at least here in the U.S., most savvy consumers expect a vibrator to be rechargeable and/or made of pure silicone.