Review: FYN Big Foot case

It pays to be on the computer 24/7, and to have Twitter updates popping up in the corner of my screen as they happen. That is how I acquired my wonderful Big Foot case from For Your Nymphomation — their owner, Vera, tweeted that she wanted some sex bloggers to review the brand new Big Foot. I leapt on the opportunity, then proceeded to use the case for months without reviewing it. Today I received some lace gloves in the mail, so I decided to gussy myself up with them and finally shoot a video of the Big Foot. Behold, two examples of ways one can use the Big Foot case.

As you can see, the Big Foot holds a ridiculous number of items. Its material — PVC, with nylon lining — is not rigid, so I stuff it to the brim (consequently, its sides are getting a bit warped, but that is from my maltreatment of it). There are two pockets on the inside; they don’t hold much, so I usually put batteries or a small bottle of arousal cream in them. Also on the inside are several elastic straps; these would be good for holding butt plugs, vaginal balls, or small bottles of lube. There are also elastic straps on the inside of the top. I’m disorganized, so I mostly just throw stuff in, and it works for me.

I find the shape of the Big Foot more useful than the shape of the flatter Adult Toybox. It holds long toys especially well. If you have a short enough bottle of lube, it could even hold a bottle of lube standing up. When I carry it, I don’t feel like my toys are attempting to roll around inside like I do when I carry my Adult Toybox (actual evidence of them doing this, though, is minimal). I wish there was a way for me to keep materials away from each other without using plastic bags, but that’s only available in my dream box, the Adult Toychest. How I swoon for you!

The Big Foot is a great case that holds far more than it looks like it could. Thanks, Vera, for sending it to me!