Feb 012010

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If you don’t know who Courtney Trouble is, you should get on that. Creator of the groundbreaking queer porn site NoFauxxx (now Indie Porn Revolution), Courtney debuted her first porn film in June of 2009. Somehow, she has created a total of eight porn films between June and now, with many more in the works. How is this possible? I have no idea, but it’s glorious.

Courtney’s films are known for their genderbending, innovative, no-holds-barred queerness, so obviously, I had to review all of them — in chronological order, because I’m OCD. So the idea for Courtney Trouble week was born. Then the folks at Good Vibes offered to help me give away one of each of Courtney’s films, and I peed my pants in excitement.

Since there are more Courtney Trouble films than days of the week, this week will be a queer one (har har — couldn’t resist). I will also be interspersing a chat between Courtney Trouble and myself.

DVD giveaway — winners!

Thank you to everyone who tweeted and commented!

The randomly-chosen winners are: EffinSara (Roulette), Natophile (Nostalgia), ColletteHoll (Speakeasy), Wilhelmina Wang (Seven Minutes in Heaven), Saraid (Roulette Dirty South), Shannon D. (Seven Minutes in Heaven 2), Britni (Roulette Berlin), and Kayla (Bordello).

Congrats to all, and enjoy your new queer porn!

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