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Facebook hates sex bloggers1. This is well-established. They’ve disabled my account twice now. The first time, they told me I needed to create a fan page if I wanted to be promoting myself. So I did. This time, when they reinstated my account, they had a new and exciting reason for my account being disabled.

Your account was suspended because you uploaded photo content that violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. This content has been removed from the site.

Please review the guidelines below to prevent your personal account from being disabled in the future:

• Do not send messages or post photos that contain nudity, graphic or sexually suggestive content.

Yet their terms (which they helpfully suggested I read!) don’t exactly line up with this — their terms say, “You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.” But, you know, whatever, let’s throw “sexually suggestive” in there too.

Because this is the offending content that they so graciously removed for me:


The universe mocked me when I logged in after being reinstated; at the top of my news feed was a photo album full of graphic porn stills. Sweet.

You know, I wish I could shun Facebook, but it’s not like I can just use some other platform. Facebook is simply a fact of life, and damnit, I need all the social media outlets I can get. Even if they are disgustingly sex-negative.

So while I seethed about the stupidity of all this, I spent about 5,000 hours2 creating new images for my Facebook fan page. My greatest joy was editing my slogan to read, Conquering the world one *** *** at a time. Then uploading strategically-cropped sex toy photos into an album entitled “Art pieces.”

True, this is about 10x more photos than I had on my page before, and so perhaps it is 10x more likely to be disabled again… but if that happens, then the people at Facebook are total pervs who can recognize sex toys from cropped, abstract photos.

I know this kind of bullshit has happened to many sex industry friends. Let’s discuss and rage together: what dumb reasons has Facebook given you for disabling your account? What tips do you have for beating the system? And what terrible shit have you seen on Facebook that is far more offensive than vibrators and dildos?

  1. And sex toy manufacturers, and sex shops, and sex workers, and, uh, sex itself. []
  2. I’m really picky, apparently even when it comes to a social network that hates my guts. []
  • Vega

    I’ve seen so much worse shit on failbook.com. One girl had posted a picture of her brand new tattoo – a giant swastika on her neck. How the fuck can they even tell that’s a sex toy?

  • Oh hell yeah, we all better watch out for that ‘sexually suggestive’ content not even featuring any people or body parts. Yet, it’d be fine for you to post a collection lets say of….your knives or guns and some disgusting wound you got, or even you and all your girlfriends in bikinis posing in a lewd way. They’re all equally suggestive, but not as harmful as someone stumbling across the sculpted beauty of the Romp or a Jollies toy…

  • TitsMcScandal

    More offensive? Well, perhaps not offensive but taken in this context- how about every single one of my friends being able to have pictures of themselves in tiny club outfits humping up on each other? I’m pretty sure that’s way more sexually suggestive than some freakin’ dildos. Each of them are fine in my opinion. It is ruining my friends chances to get a job further down the road perhaps, but if that’s cool with them…

  • THAT’S the photo they objected to? Then they should delete thousands more accounts all over Facebook, including on my Naked at Our Age page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Naked-at-Our-Age-by-Joan-Price/200965361578) — which, while it doesn’t show anyone naked at our age or any other age, does occasionally show vibrators that I’ve reviewed on my blog, just as yours does, and is full of “sexually suggestive” content.

  • Serena Dante

    Facebook people are morons.

  • Maybe FB hates coffee, did you ever think of that?

  • Delilah

    I no longer have a facebook account because i got sick of wrangling with privacy settings and dealing with their hypocrisy.  Commenters above have amply shown facebook is not consistent even in implementing it’s no sex toys policy let alone no “sexually suggestive” images whatever it classes those to be!

    Violet blue encountered issues with her “our porn our selves” page I remember.

    I would be interested to know what other sex positive type of people/pages/images had encountered issues and whether this is an issue of their content getting reported while the more traditional representations (and more under the radar ones) get left alone perhaps? 

  • The Racebending Facebook page was taken down in March 2010, though it was reinstated later: http://www.racebending.com/v3/press/racebending-facebook-group-taken-down/. Racebending.com is a group that was born from protesting the whitewashing of the Last Airbender movies, and now advocates just and equal opportunity in film and television.

    Meanwhile, the Westboro Baptist Church, BNP, and dozens, if not hundreds, of other hate groups are allowed to have pages.

  • I haven’t had my account disabled but they take down my art down a lot; it’s especially frustrating because the ones that get taken down are the least vulgar/graphic art I have on there! Like a picture of a weirdly proportioned woman with NO NIPPLES AND NO VAGINA. Meanwhile I have an art album full of hairy vulvas. Meanwhile, how many goddamn groups are their about beating/throwing bricks at/spitting on ‘sluts’? Whatevs, Facebook.

  • Serafina Brightside

    No fucking kidding, Epiphora! I deleted my facebook profile years ago because people were stalking me (mainly my abusive older sister who always tries to think of another reason to tell me to go kill myself) and I’ve seen pictures of signs, you know, those hateful signs. One says “All unattended children will be sold as slaves.” I report everything I see, but even the one time I reported a graphic pornographic anime picture of a girl with her clothes being ripped off by two larger males, I checked for it again and it had NOT been removed. So fuck facebook. Like edenfantasys, it should not be supported. Facebook, I think, is most used by immature teenagers and high schoolers. But still, I sadly have a facebook page for getting in contact with people….Isn’t there something better? We should all get together and create something.

  • Ha! You beat me to it, I started almost this exact post over the weekend but the stupidity that has been my personal life kept me from posting it. Great Minds and all that…

    My first page was removed for the “Too Hot For Facebook” photo I threw on Twitter. It’s me *WEARING CLOTHING FOR ONCE* holding a Tantus G-Force for the same reason yours was. Those damn dirty sex toys man. In my pic I am holding it in a mildly suggestive fashion I suppose, so it’s a teeny bit more excusable than your situation.

    Now I have my Our Porn, Ourselves picture up and it has been there without incident for a year. I can’t change it because the irony that the our porn page was removed for our signs is simply delicious to me. I am still mildly annoyed that I’ve yet to get back even a quarter of my old likes or fans or whatever the hell they are called now, but whatever.

    Often I have hot fantasies that I delete my FB entirely. I love the fact that I can keep in touch with so many of my far flung friends/family there, but I also often discover that they hold some abhorrent views. Facebook memes make me crazy, but it’s an inescapable fact of life now. *sigh*

  • Wilhelmina

    well, looks like you have the last laugh in the end. now your page looks really cool.

    also: um, yeah. so many hate pages out there, and pages that encourage intelligent discussion of sexuality *without any pictures or links to anything pornographic at all* get deleted.

    i wish i had the willpower to delete my facebook but not having a facebook would be like not having an email account.

  • Abby Tallmer

    Re: Facebook & sex-negativity, see this recent NY Times piece for starters (coverage from a totally different angle):

    See also 2 recent Gawker stories about F/B:

    Oh, and also this (from the NY Academy of Art’s blog, about Facebook’s censorship of a drawing of a topless woman on their F/B page):

    See the NY Times article I cited just above for the background on the super ridiculous NY Academy of Art-F/B incident, which is interesting for many reasons including the fact that the Academy got Facebook to publicly state what its policies on censorship are (or some of them, anyway).

    Plus of course many individual bloggers have had terrible trouble with F/B, including yourself of course and famously Violet Blue & her feminist porn group (can’t remember its exact name).

    Good luck with your work, and DO please keep your readers posted on this as in my opinion anyway it’s a very important story.

  • Abby Tallmer

    Hello There:

    Here’s yet another article about Facebook censoring artists. This posting also refers to or spins off of the NY Academy of Art censorship incident but goes way beyond that in its range and scope – plus it has a great image accompanying it.

    You can read this newest blog posting on F/B and censorship of artists at:


  • Perpetua

    This makes perfect sense. Because, you know, it’s okay to keep groups like “Riding Your Girlfriend Softly Cause You Don’t Want to Wake Her Up” but OMG a picture of a sex toy! God forbid a women enjoy, or I don’t know, BE AWAKE during sex. That would be sending the wrong message. Rape, on the other hand, no big deal.

  • Layla

    A little late to the party (by 5 years LOL) but my second day after creating my page I was flagged as spam. Somehow they apologized and let me back on. But it’d be nice if they could suspend the accounts of the many strangers sending unsolicited dick pics (wait, let me barf) instead of worrying about innocuous sex toys.

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