Armed and ready for Catalyst

A grid of my fancy business cards laid out on the floor.

You guys, CatalystCon is happening. Like, really soon. In just a couple days, I will be traveling alone for the first time in my life, arriving in Washington D.C. and meeting people I’ve wanted to meet for years. It still has not hit me that this is about to happen.

Up until this week, there have only been a handful of people who could attest to me being a living, breathing human being (TristanLorax, Shanna, Redhead Bedhead, Tomboy Femme). That’s all about to change. After Catalyst, many people will be able to put a face with my name, which I think is good? Albeit slightly terrifying?

I’ve also never needed business cards before, so this was all new for me. I ordered from MOO and spent far too much time honing them. They came out pretty great, though, so if you see me at Catalyst, remind me to give you one (or let you pick one).

Guess who the most-represented toy company is? UH DUH, it’s Tantus. 30% of the cards have either the Cush O2, Echo, or Ryder on the front.

Like a loser, I’ve also acquired a business card holder from Etsy, stocked up on trail mix, protein bars, vegan jerky, and dry roasted edamame, and packed my cutest pajama pants (I’ve heard they’re required to play Dirty Bingo, and nobody has to utter the word “pajamas” to me twice).

I will definitely be tweeting as much as I can, using the hashtag #ccon as well as session-specific hashtags. The only sessions I know for sure I will be attending are Toxic Toys (#ccontoxictoys) and When To Give It Away and When To Charge For It (#cconcharge). Otherwise, you’ll just have to follow my tweets to find out where I go and what happens.

Now I’m going to resume worrying that I’m gonna do something wrong at the airport. Any last-second travel tips, guys? One thing’s for sure: my 1-quart ziplock is filled to the brim with creamer.