It’s official; I’m a squirter

It’s like my body was hiding a wonderful secret from me, but now I’ve found it.

Liberator Fascinator Shag Throe close-up, with droplets of water all over it.

Last night, I squirted for the third time in my life. It was ridiculously easy to get there, knowing exactly how fast I have to thrust with the Ella. I soaked the towel and comforter yet again. I yelled out in pleasure yet again. And I felt incredibly accomplished yet again.

There is something very exciting about all of this. I don’t want to buy into the ejaculation = power thing, but it really does make me feel powerful to be able to create and expel liquid during orgasm. Okay, there’s really no way to say this that doesn’t sound cheesy, but it makes me feel in touch with my body. Like my body was hiding a wonderful secret from me, but now I’ve found it. And now I know it wasn’t a fluke, and that I can make myself ejaculate any time I want now. It’s very empowering. And addicting.

But… it’s also very messy. Remember, I am a poor college student. My boyfriend and I own a grand total of four regular-sized towels, two of which usually hang in the bathroom for drying off after showers, and one of which is my masturbation session towel. Up until now, I’ve never needed another towel during masturbation, as it was always just for catching stray lube. But now, my come soaks through that towel and leaves a large spot on the comforter.

Now, you might say “just wash the comforter, then!” — but you have not tried to wash that particular comforter in this apartment complex. We tried once… and the washer overflowed.

You might say “just use multiple towels!” Yes, but I masturbate several times a week, and we don’t do laundry nearly that often because it costs us quarters.

So consider this a plea to anyone who has the means… I am in desperate need of a Liberator Fascinator Throw. If anyone is willing to send me one (preferably in black), I promise to squirt on it a multitude of times and write a very thorough review of it! And, most likely, be in debt to you for the rest of my life because I’ve heard the Throw is awesome at absorption. Consider it!