New arrival: Goddess

Coffee and the Tantus Goddess

With a 30% off coupon, I have bought my very first 100% silicone watch-battery-using dildo.

It is, fittingly, named Goddess. I wanted a textured dildo because I’m in love with my bumpy glass dildo. I was torn between Goddess and Echo (both made by Tantus), but Goddess won out because it was slightly cheaper and purple was in stock. Dark purple is niiice. Even nicer when it has sparkles in it.

It came in a clear plastic box with a hardcore font proclaiming “100% ULTRA-PREMIUM PLATINUM SILICONE: NON-TOXIC, HYPOALLERGENIC, PHTHALATE FREE.” Tantus, you rule. Although my real favorite part is how the word “Tantus” is carved into the silicone at the base of the dildo.

Nothing like coffee and dildos in the morning.