Sex toy storage: chargers and lube edition

Those wild 'n' free cords you see? For my Kindle and iPod. The sex toy cords are wrapped up nicely.
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Rechargeable sex toys can free people from the burden of clunky batteries, but there’s one side effect that kinda sucks: wrangling all the charging cords.

I have never had a good system for this. My sex toys themselves are nicely tucked away in their plastic storage chests and dedicated boxes, but I let my charging cords run amok. I have a big-ass power strip on a table next to my desk, and that’s where I would plug in anything I needed to charge… and leave it there.

Well, that wasn’t working out well. Imagine a big black mass of spaghetti and you’ll be pretty close to what it looked like. And it was extremely inefficient! Every time I unplugged something, I’d have to untangle it from a horde of other cords. There was no reason for the chaos, so I set out to finally organize it.

Pretty quickly I knew that I wanted plastic drawers just like the ones I have for my toys, but I waffled a lot on which size to get. I narrowed it down to the Three Drawer Desktop Storage ChestDesktop Mini Chest, and Shallow 3 Drawer Chest (thanks, Amazon, for those hella useful names).

I ended up choosing the Desktop Mini Chest from Iris, and, knowing that they’re stackable, ordered two of them. They came already assembled; I just had to remove the top of one to make them fit together. The result:

All finished and all awesome. Plastic drawers stacked up tall.

Right now there’s an abundance of extra space in the drawers, so I can even stash my Kindle cord, iPod cord, and old digital camera in there. The tip-top of the stack is where I can set toys that are in the process of charging. Also up there is my fancy-ass rechargeable battery charger.

(Shout out to the adorable golden string lights I found in a free box at a garage sale 500 years ago. Still going strong!)

To organize my chargers, I put on some P!nk, gathered all my cords, and got to work. A lot of the charging cords look similar, and a surprising number of them don’t even have a manufacturer name on them, but I’ve been tagging them with masking tape as I acquire them, so there wasn’t too much confusion. Then I rolled up the cords and closed ’em with twisty ties. Boom:

Charging cords, nicely rolled up.

Now my lube samples, which before took up space in a sex toy drawer, have their own special space. Halleloo!

Lube samples. Don't even ask me why I still keep the wild cherry shit.

This solution is absolutely perfect so far. I’m really happy with it. It utilizes vertical space that I never took advantage of until now, and there’s still a lot of drawer to be filled. Of course, I’m already tempted to start moving some sex toys into it (my toy drawers are overflowing), but I will try to resist.

And as it turns out, I really don’t need any of my charging cords to be plugged in at all times. I tend to only charge stuff one toy at a time, sporadically, so this system makes it easy for me to find the cord I need, use it, and feel motivated to put it away.

I just have to make sure the cats don’t steal my twisty tie in the interim.