Tantus, your neon colors are killin’ me

Tantus neon dildos and butt plug

Yes, this is real life. Awesome silicone sex toy manufacturer Tantus has decided to make a limited run of three popular toys (RyderEcho, and Acute) in the colors that some of the first Tantus toys were made in: lime green, electric orange, and neon pink. OMG, just look at them! They are incredible!

Buuuut I already own all of them. I do own a lime green Tantus Sherbet (discontinued) — which I scoured the internet to find — but I don’t love it as much as I love my Echo.

Epiphora: i already own all those toys. i’m going to go cry into my dildos
Outspoken Clitic: hahaha, too bad they’d be totally unabsorbent.
Outspoken Clitic: that is what you get for owning high quality nonporous toys.
Outspoken Clitic: you brought this on yourself.

So if anyone wants to buy me a lime green Echo, I’ll gladly send you my pearly white one. Or buy me an orange Ryder and I’ll send you my purple one. Hey, I can dream. SOMEONE DID THIS FOR ME. SCARLETT, I LOVE YOU.

These toys are limited edition, so don’t hesitate if you are thinking about buying one! Plus, Metis Black (president of Tantus) is hinting that if these sell well, we might see other toys in neon colors in the future. Show Tantus that we freakin’ love these colors!