2-year blogiversary giveaway winners

Prizes in my 2-year blogiversary giveaway!

Wow! What a giveaway! You guys are, um, a little bit insane, and have kept me quite busy counting all your entries. Here are the winners of the 8 fabulous prizes:

The Vixen Maverick, donated by Vibrator.com, goes to Crystalline!

The Wahl, donated by SheVibe, goes to Corina!

The Jollies Jollet, donated by Kama Sutra Closet, goes to Outspoken Clitic!

A Fleshlight, donated by PinkCherry, goes to Polly Vincere!

The Seti Toyfriend, donated by Babeland, goes to Selective Sensualist!

The Fairy Mini Mini Wand, donated by MyPleasure, goes to namelesschaos!

A $100 digital gift card from Fascinations goes to Liz!

My Own Master, donated by Good Vibes, goes to Bri!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, especially for all the suggestions/ideas for my blog. And thank you to the companies who made this possible — you rule!