The best birthday presents

That cat is totally enthused about the dildos surrounding him. That's his enthusiasm face.

Today, I am 27.

I have come to expect very little from people over the years, but Ashley Manta took this glorious photo of her cat plus the Pure Wand and Echo, Sandra emailed me singing happy birthday, and someone sent me a picture of their boobs with “Happy B-Day Piph” written on them. I feel so special.

This, and all the excessively sweet comments people have been leaving on my giveaway post (which, true, I did bribe you with sex toys, but still) have really meant a lot.

I am so honored to have all of you people in my life, in whatever capacity that may be. I am thankful for cats and dildos and friends who buy me sleek purses because my corduroy purse is “not professional enough for Catalyst” and people who take me out to sushi and don’t make fun of my inability to eat with chopsticks (this actually applies to several people now; I’m just that cool) and people who drink fishbowl drinks with me and stay up late with me watching trashy TV shows.

Today my dad took me out to breakfast and complimented my blog1, my mom got me the usual birthday balloon (which one of my cats has promptly punctured), and for some reason, the flood of Facebook birthday wishes seems more genuine this time around. Probably nothing has changed — I’m just getting old and sentimental. But don’t worry. I’m still as crotchety about sex toys as ever.

Tweet: "Oh, oh, happy birthday @Epiphora! May your day be filled with sex toys, cats, schnapps, and piph-colored nail polish."

So all I wanted to say is thank you for all of the wellwishes. And I am still accepting photos of cats and dildos. (The comments section has an image upload option…) Hey, if Tegan & Sara can do it, so can I! I’m just about as famous as them, right?

  1. He likes the design, you guys. The header. The font.