The LELO Ida is coming…

LELO Ida "couples'" vibrator

So I have this in my possession:

And yes, that is exactly what it does. It swivels and swivels and swivels. It never stops. There is actually no way to turn off the rotation. (I mean, unless you count turning the toy off entirely.)

I’ve been trying to get some last-minute testing in before CatalystCon, but it’s been hard to find time. And a willing penis. Because the idea is that a penis can fit in my vagina alongside this thing. You know, while making love. So my thoughts on this strange new device will have to wait until after I get back.

For now, I invite you to take bets on my vagina. Will the LELO Ida feel like churning butter inside of me, or like a spinning G-spotting treat? Will my boyfriend love it too, or break up with me afterward? Vagina-havers, what do your genitals think about the prospect of this toy?