We came, we Tickled.

Gift card to My Tickle Spot

Hoorah! My Tickle gift card giveaway went swimmingly. The Twitter parties were great — we discussed many awesome things, like how sex toys are different from humans (sex toys can’t knock you up) and what toys would be most useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse (many people mentioned lighting phthalate-laden dongs on fire). I was seriously laughing.

And throughout all the fun, I was able to give away some gift card cash to Tickle. The winners of the 10- and 15- dollar cards were Elodie, siniful, cand86, sexysweetieshan, A_K_A_2010, Saraid, Luscious Lily, and PollyVincere.

And the winner of the $50 gift card is… Ash! Who will most likely be getting a Share XL, Pure Wand, and/or Devine Toys toybox. Decisions, decisions!

Thanks to everyone who participated for making this an amazing — and hilarious — giveaway.