Jun 302009

NobEssence RompAccustomed as I am to receiving beautiful and high-quality sex toys in the mail, I usually do not feel my heart pounding when I open a new toy. When I opened the NobEssence Romp, however, I could feel my throat tightening and my heart beating faster. I quickly removed the toy from its nice box and turned it around in my hands, feasting my eyes on the incredible beauty of the Cocobolo wood. It was breathtaking. As beautiful as stainless steel, glass, and silicone can look… this is now the most beautiful material in my collection, bar none.

I wanted the Romp inside my body immediately, and I made it happen. Again and again and again. I thought the honeymoon phase would wear off; it never did. I find myself constantly craving the Romp. I want it at all hours of the day, during any activity. When it’s inside me, I never want to take it out. When it’s not, I leave it out on my desk to periodically admire.

I have tried the Romp both ways in my ass, but I find it most comfortable with the handle facing toward my back. The tip is perfect for slowly nudging the toy into my ass. As it gets wider, my ass opens up more to let it in, then sucks it out of my hand and closes around the neck. It never even thinks of slipping out, and the handle rests very comfortably and stealthily between my cheeks (the only issue I’ve had with it is minor discomfort if I sit on it the wrong way, which is easily rectified with a shift in position).

In my ass, the Romp stays snug and yet very squeezable, and the pressure it provides is impossible to ignore. I don’t know what it’s pressing on (at times, it feels like my vagina), but it’s a really amazing sensation — it feels very substantial but not overwhelming. I think this is due to the perfect shape, which hugs the inside of my ass gracefully. It definitely makes me feel full, but in a very specific and shapely way, unlike straight plugs.

So far in life, the Romp is the best thing that’s been in my ass.

I tried the Romp vaginally as well, with a condom on it. With the base/handle facing my stomach, the Romp nestled inside nicely, but was too short to stimulate my G-spot. With the handle facing my back, I couldn’t even fully insert it — the bump was too extreme for my pubic bone. But, in my mind, none of this really matters. I prefer the Romp to be a dedicated anal toy anyway, and holy shit does it rule at that.

Because it’s made of wood, the Romp requires a slightly more complicated cleaning regime than ye olde silicone. It should not be boiled, so a 10% bleach solution is a must for sterilization (and just general cleanliness, in my opinion — it is an anal toy). After a scrub with soap and water, I spray the Romp with 10% bleach and let it nearly dry before rinsing. Sometimes I don’t even rinse, as letting the bleach just dry seems to kill off smells more thoroughly.

The only downside to the Romp is how hard it is going to be to convince others that this butt plug is worth $110. But if you could hold it in your palm and admire its beauty (or better yet, get a preview of how it would feel in your ass), you would most likely begin salivating at the thought of owning and using it. I will probably start suggesting it to everyone who asks about butt plugs, whatever their budget, because I’m a bad influence… but also because more people need to experience the Romp. There are at least four ways the Romp can be used, in different positions in vagina and ass, so you’re bound to find at least one that feels amazing.

The Romp is an absolute dream of a butt plug, with a balance of beauty and pleasurable shape that is unparalleled in my collection and in the grand scheme of butt plugs. A huge thank you to the folks at NobEssence for graciously sending me my new best friend.

Get the Romp at SheVibe or She Bop.

  • Brilliant review! I can see there’s no middle ground with you! And your endorsement of the romp made me eager to experience it myself… I’ll have to dig down the back of my couch for some change. a LOT of change – but it sounds like it will be worth it!

    Great stuff!

  • @Champagne and Benzedrine: No middle ground? I disagree. I make my feelings of extreme love or hate known, but I also have plenty of reviews that don’t fit on either side. If a review isn’t tagged “Hi, I love you” or “Slush pile,” I would consider it middle ground.

    And yes, I really think it is worth it. I hope others agree.

  • It’s beautiful…… 🙂 Absolutely fantastic review.

  • alphabitch

    So I wonder, after the last couple posts, if I say “Damn, you made that thing sound like god’s gift to women’s asses, I’m definitely getting one!” will I start a groupthink sales stampede?

    Tragically, it ain’t gonna happen this week, but I might just budget a little extra toy money for next month. 😉

  • @Cand86: That’s a great question. I didn’t talk about it really in this review, but wood is special because it’s stiff without being heavy. So it feels different that other materials in that way. I know of no stainless steel or glass plugs that are shaped like this at all, and definitely no aluminum ones.

    I can think of only one plug with a shape like the Romp, and that is the Luna by Jollies (which I really want to try). However, the Luna is made of silicone, which is going to feel a lot different — and probably less noticeable — than a hard material like wood. Nexus has also come out with a line of vibrating silicone plugs that are curved, though not to the extent that Romp is. They’re pretty expensive too, though.

    So unfortunately, I don’t think there is a cheaper alternative that will really feel the same as the Romp does.

  • Hmmm. I’m curious as to what you think- how much of the Romp’s awesomeness is due to its material (which is, admittedly, just gorgeous to look at), and how much is simply about its shape.

    I don’t have the money for a Romp right now, and am not sure if it’s against review ettiquette, but are there other, more affordable butt plugs that have a similar shape?

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  • If I hadn’t just gone on a bit of a Tantus binge, I think I’d be halfway through placing an order for one of these already. Gorgeous, intriguing shape, and a material I’ve never tried? I’m going to have to start saving up for this one.

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  • I look at everything as though it could be used as a dual stimulator (vag/clit). This looks like it might be able to – yay/nay?

    Either way, a gorgeous toy. Really is. Such a unique shape but I am not a big anal fan. (More like my body isn’t)

  • @Adriana: It only worked one way in my vagina, but I wouldn’t say it’s a very good dual stimulator. It’s pretty short, so hard to maneuver against one’s clit while still keeping a grip on it.

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  • Polly Vincere

    Someday I’ll own one of these. I’m not sure how well I can get it in, but it looks like it’s worth trying.
    Do you think it can be covered with a condom well enough to share it? (Like between me a fluid-bonded partner)

  • @Polly Vincere: I think it depends on whether you’re planning to use it as a butt plug or to use it on someone. As a butt plug, I’d be a little wary of the condom staying in place on the handle, but if you were controlling it, you could make sure to hold the condom in place. It’s definitely an odd shape for condom-covering…

  • Selective Sensualist

    Oh, how I love my Romp, too! But I think yours is prettier. I wish I could’ve gotten the Cocobolo.

  • Selective Sensualist

    I love my Romp! My particular G-spot is shallow, so the Romp works like a DREAM to stimulate it — and the nob on the handle positions itself perfectly over my clit to stimulate me there, too! I love how I can wear it as an orgasmic Kegel exerciser during the day under my clothes. I, too, can’t recommend the Romp enough.
    Glad you love yours anally! I still haven’t gotten around to trying it that way because I love it so much vaginally. You’ve definitely convinced me to give it a try though!

  • Bri

    I LOVE the cocobolo wood,it’s so pretty!

  • namelesschaos

    I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this review now I want something dark, hard, and made of wood inside of me and I can’t afford it. I’m saving up for a Liberator two play… however looking at that lovely Cocobolo wood is making wonder if I should put my first sex furniture purchase on hold… decisions decisions.

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  • sparkytay

    I totally just chose this as my prize for my entry in the 5-Year Anniversary Giveaway! Congrats and keep up the good work!~ <3

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