Feb 192017

Pick a sex toy, any sex toy!

It’s been a while since I sat down and scouted out new sex toys to review. Usually I grab items as they’re released, like the new We-Vibe Wish that just came in the mail. But as my list of “to review” items dwindles, I decided it would be a good idea to get more stuff — so I can start testing it all!

Thus far I’ve narrowed it down to these 20 products. But half the fun of reviewing is fulfilling your desires, so I would like you to vote on your top choices. Some of these are toys I already own, some I’d need to acquire, and at least one may be near-impossible to get, but like… RUMBLE SEAT, GUYS.

You can — and should — select multiple toys. Choose the ones that you most want to read about!

Have an idea for me that’s not listed here? Leave it in the comments!

If you can’t see the poll below, here’s a direct link.

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