Review: Carter

If I want to get pummeled by a thick yet forgiving cock until I squirt across the room, Carter is it.

New York Toy Collective Carter silicone dildo on a nightstand, next to a golden lamp base and a floral tea cup.

I squirt every time I use the New York Toy Collective Carter.

Movement or not. No matter the external vibe. Whatever my mood. If clitoral stimulation makes me come while the Carter is inside me, I gush. I’ll be just hanging out, about to have a completely ordinary orgasm or so it seems, when I feel the pressure building, urging me to slide the dildo out. Sure enough: an expulsion of fluid follows. It hardly ever feels like I’ve earned it, yet it happens, consistently as the sun rising and setting each day. Sneak-attack squirting.

And oh, with movement? With actual thrusting? Then I’m ejaculating even more, soaking through the towel on my desk chair.

Carter is a meaty dude. Hefty. Beefy. At 7.5″ insertable and 2″ in diameter, this dildo is not fucking around. But squeezing my fingers around the shaft, the silicone feels lush, forgiving — any initial feelings of intimidation melt away. I can do this. I was born to do this. Carter may be thick, but it’s also way soft. I find it amazing, actually, how effortless it can feel to insert Carter. The cushy silicone really dampens its hugeness.

Carter is like the college athlete big brother of New York Toy Collective’s Shilo. Both have NYTC’s signature metal core, so they’re bendable and posable. Shilo is much smaller; its stubby length and spongy feel make it an ideal strap-on or pack-and-play. In that size category, I’m more a fan of Mustang, but Shilo is a damn fine dildo — especially for plush G-spotting — and many people love it deeply.

Carter promised to up the ante, to bring the girth, and I am all about that.

What’s weird, though, is that up until the point of orgasm, at least if I don’t move the dildo much, it doesn’t feel particularly stimulating. It doesn’t have intense angles or curves, no real texture to speak of, and the material has too much give to offer any precision. So aside from a pleasant, stretching fullness and moderate G-spot stimulation, it isn’t necessarily life-changing.

Which I know sounds strange to say after the squirting thing. But for context, squirting during orgasm is not uncommon for me. I experience it with MaverickBuck, and Outlaw too — it’s a combination of my body’s general propensity for squirting and a pronounced head. Compared to those dildos, though, Carter is squishier — and smoother.

Carter is more of a loose interpretation of a penis, a rough draft, like if you put a veiny dildo on a lathe and smoothed it out. This lack of surface detail sets Carter apart from most realistic, dual-density dildos. It’s a departure from the over-the-top, borderline cartoonishness of Tantus toys and even the balanced realism of Vixen dildos. The overarching sensation with Carter is one of smoothness.

Clearly my G-spot is being stimulated by Carter — and VERY WELL — but it doesn’t feel as visceral as with other toys. There’s little texture on the surface for my vaginal walls to appreciate, and the head is too soft and amorphous against my G-spot. Truth is, my G-spot doesn’t usually like a gentle seduction, even if it ends in an explosive orgasm. It likes to feel it all, it wants to live. It longs for the unmistakable intensity of firm materials and bulbous tips. Too much squish and the stimulation fades.

There may not be nuance to Carter, but there is ease. Slowly gliding it creates a wonderful tactile sensation against my vaginal walls, smooth and satisfying like holding a water wigglie. Despite its palpable size, it remains gentle, calming even — like listening to the words of a trusted dominant you know will take care of you. This is Carter’s power, especially for a dildo of such magnitude.

The bendability is a cool feature, but didn’t add much to my experience. I can curve it upward a bit, but really that just helps take strain off my wrist more than it alters sensation. Technically you could pack with this toy, but it’d look pretty obscene. Stick with Shilo for that, or one of New York Toy Collective’s gorgeous packers.

At $169, Carter costs upwards of $50 more than even the largest of Vixen’s dildos, but it offers a different — dare I say more sensual? — experience. Carter is like a subdued version of Maverick or Outlaw. For those who crave girth but prefer a little more tenderness with their G-spot stimulation, this dildo is a gift from the gods. If I want to get pummeled by a thick yet forgiving cock until I squirt across the room… then no doubt, Carter is it.

Get the Carter at SheVibe, Early to Bed, Pleasure Chest, or Come As You Are (Canada).