Hell Yes: Leaf

BMS Factory Leaf vibrator line, looking very greeeeen.

BMS Factory has not made much of anything that’s too terribly noteworthy. They make locking toy cases, an extensive line of bullets, and they designed the Jopen line, but that’s about it. UNTIL NOW.

Now, it looks like they’re trying to break through into the luxury market — and the hippie market — with their sleek new rechargeable line, Leaf.

The entire line comes in the most gorgeous grass green silicone, and is available in NO OTHER COLOR, which I am just quivering with excitement about. Couple that with a refreshingly well-designed website and product photos that rotate mesmerizingly, and I must say, I am damn intrigued.

The uniform color palette and nature-inspired shapes are quite lovely. Life looks a bit like a pointy slug, and Vitality gives me Split Dildo nightmares, but I’d definitely try Fresh, and maybe even Bloom.

They each come in a natural canvas tote. But of course!

Then there’s a commercial that clearly wants to lull me into a state of relaxation.

And it succeeds. It makes me want a professional massage very, very badly.

Which one do you want to try?

Want one? Browse the Leaf line at SheVibe.