Hell Yes: Ola

Minna Ola, a smooth slightly curved vibrator with a squeezable handle.

There were several new toys unveiled at the Adult Entertainment Expo this year, but Ola is the only one I’ve seen that really looks innovative. It’s made by Minna, a brand new San Francisco company.

Sex toys are getting a lot smarter, and I love it. This one is special because it has a squeezable handle that responds to pressure. By squeezing, you can tell the toy how strongly (or weakly, if that’s your thing) to vibrate. You can also create a vibration pattern of your choosing, which the toy remembers and then plays back in a loop. Yeah, like a freaking drum machine. For your vagina.

Also, I must admit I’m a little excited by how much the Ola resembles my G-spot love, the NobEssence Seduction. Adding vibration to that amazing G-spot pressure certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Ola is rechargeable, made of silicone, waterproof, and priced around $165.