Review: Pleasure No. 6

It is always exciting to get a new toy from a company I’ve never heard of. Especially when that toy is 100% silicone and adorable as hell! I speak of the Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 dildo. It came in an exceedingly classy white box which, in all its classiness, needed only to state that the dildo is 100% silicone and that it has a suction cup — not ramble about other “features” that may or may not exist.

The Pleasure No. 6 is smaller than the average dildo (1 1/4″ in diameter), and I was pleased with that. I’ve been looking for a new warm-up dildo. My old warm-up dildo is made of glass, and I’ve grown tired of its cold ways (yes, I’m too lazy to warm it up). I won’t make you wait any longer to find out; yes, this dildo will be my new warm-up toy! Although several times now, it has taken me all the way… because I just can’t tear myself away from it.

Unlike some other silicone toys I own, the Pleasure No. 6 is quite rigid; I can barely bend it at all. The silicone also has a different texture to it — it’s certainly soft, but not as sticky and prone to attracting dust as, say, my Tantus Ripple. I don’t know if this has to do with the fact that this is “Japanese platinum” silicone, but I’m not complaining. The rigidity of it helps make up for its rather slim stature.

The Pleasure No. 6 also has a couple aesthetic extras; mainly, a bump just under the head and two raised flourishes on the sides. The flourishes definitely add to the cuteness of this dildo, but I doubted they would provide any added sensation.

I was wrong. So very wrong. So incredibly wrong. Please allow me to go into gush mode: the flourishes are amazing. They totally and completely make this dildo for me. Of course, I can’t discern the shape of them or anything crazy like that, but as long as the dildo’s in motion, I can feel their texture. Thrusting feels great, but I especially loved twisting the dildo while it was buried inside of me. That is why I often never move past this dildo to a bigger one. I just really love twisting and thrusting myself to orgasm with it.

I haven’t utilized the suction cup for fucking purposes yet, frankly because I enjoy controlling the twisting and thrusting with my hand, but I’m sure I will eventually. I can, however, report that the dildo has serious sticking power. When it sticks, it sticks, and it won’t let go. Things it sticks to: my desk, countertops, the toilet, the tub, my dresser, the coffee table, the wooden floor, windows. Things it will not stick to: the refrigerator, walls, the fireplace, my cat. As much as I’d like to fuck my refrigerator, consider this a full-fledged endorsement of the Ophoria Pleasure No. 6.