More real than usual

April Flores and her pussy

Ignore the fact that there has not been a product like this until now, friggin’ 2008, because then we can all be excited. Behold: a fake vulva molded from the body of pornstar April Flores.

It’s not on the market yet, but should be in a few months. Until then, April posted some sexy photos from her visit to Topco to ogle the prototype. I’m actually impressed by the packaging, or what I can read of it. The front of the box calls the toy a “Voluptuous Cyberskin Pussy,” which is frankly a much better description of the toy than I was expecting. Of course it does insist upon prefacing the pussy with a generally accepted adjective, but it could be a lot worse. In any case, I think this is an exciting development in the land of fake pussies. [Update: it’s available now!]

And speaking of progress, Always Aroused Girl’s voice has now joined the choir in praising Jollies’s new blowjob-capable dildo, Mr. Man.

sucking — even gentle sucking — transfers far better than you could possibly imagine. My clit fluttered up into the indentation with every one of my partner’s sucks as though it wanted to leap right into his mouth. It felt incredible.

I must have you, Mr. Man! Even my boyfriend wants to suck on you! But 90 bucks is something I do not have right now, at all.