Review: Roulette Berlin

Courtney Trouble’s entertaining — and hot — celebration of queer sexuality.

DVD cover of Roulette Berlin, queer porn directed by Courtney Trouble

Roulette Berlin follows in the footsteps of Roulette Dirty South and the original Roulette; it is a film composed of vignettes, meant to celebrate the diversity of queer sexuality. But it differs from its predecessors, too — it is more expertly made. The music in Roulette Berlin generally stays out of the way — and when it doesn’t, it usually fits the action. There is also some beautiful lighting to be seen, although a few scenes are still not up to my lighting par.

The scenes in Roulette Berlin are solid, and I dare say, the most diverse of any Roulette film thus far. You have a female/male scene (Judy Minx and Killer), a solo scene (Anja), a female/female scene (Ena and G.G.), a genderqueer/male scene (Blond Stud and Ju), and a male/male scene (Walter Crasshole and Nikolaj). All the couples are real couples, so chemistry is everywhere. And within that, you have a very wide spectrum of sexual expression — from Ena and G.G.’s sweet and loving scene to Blond Stud and Ju’s intense D/s-style scene.

Yes, D/s! It begins with Blond Stud pressing hir boot into Ju’s chest, then ze lights a cigarette and taunts Ju with it. Ze flicks some ashes onto his skin, and even burns him with the tip of the cigarette a few times. There’s some hitting, then Ju jacks off while Blond Stud fingers him into oblivion. While I’m not incredibly turned on by D/s stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed this scene; the couple’s comfort level with one another is unmistakable.

My favorite scene was the first one, between Judy Minx and Killer. It doesn’t hurt that I find both of them cute as hell, or that the lighting is absolutely beautiful. I still don’t get the fingers-in-mouths fetish, but hey — they make up for it with some intense fingering.

As always with Courtney’s films, there is an authenticity in these scenes that is above and beyond the norm.

These two scenes do have one downfall (although it may be an upside for other watchers): the performers speak to each other only in French. For me, this is sad, because I love dirty talk and hearing people speak another language while sexing it up is like torture. But if you love the sound of French or know French, you will most likely have the opposite reaction.

Ena and G.G.’s scene and Anja’s scene are both decent, but nothing to write home about. I was excited by Ena’s baldness and Anja’s tattoos, but that’s about it.

And then there’s poor Walter and Nikolaj’s scene. You may remember my frustration with their scene in the first Roulette; I was pissed because the scene was overwhelmed by an ill-fitting soundtrack. Well, now their scene is overwhelmed by bad lighting and grain. And see, this scene is intense and hot — filled with amazing cocksucking and cocks smacking on faces and tongues. But I get really distracted when the skin of sexy boys becomes a mess of black and reddish grain.

Roulette Berlin is entertaining and hot, although it is yet to be as hot as the Seven Minutes in Heaven series, for me. If you’re into D/s play, though, Blond Stud and Ju’s scene is a slice of delicious queer D/s, and Judy Minx and Killer’s scene is also sexy as hell. As always with Courtney’s films, there is an authenticity in these scenes that is above and beyond the norm, so if chemistry gets you off… Roulette Berlin has it.

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