A chat with Courtney Trouble, pt. 3

Courtney and I discuss boy/boy films, Kimberly Kane, fisting, and Seven Minutes in Heaven 3.

Courtney Trouble, nude, in a black and white shot showing off their high heel tattoo.

Courtney Trouble and I didn’t mean to have a drunken online chat; it just happened. I’d been meaning to email them my traditional interview questions and receive tidy paragraphs in response, but fuck that — this was a lot more fun. And informative.

Read part one here and part two here. In this part, Courtney and I discuss boy/boy films, Kimberly Kane, fisting, and Seven Minutes in Heaven 3.

Epiphora: i saw on twitter that you are hoping to make a boy/boy film in 2010… is that planned yet?
Courtney: it’s in the works… i’ve shot plenty of gay boys for nofauxxx, and walter and nikolaj for the roulette series, but i would really love to make a film (or 2, or 3, or 4, etc…) with just boys.
Epiphora: i would seriously love to see it. a lot.
Courtney: i don’t really think that people’s sexual orientations match what they watch in porn… and i would love to address it. a queer girl making gay porn seems… i don’t know… obvious. to me.
Epiphora: but it’s not! who has done it? nobody!
Courtney: nobody’s done it. i’m about to. it’s my biggest goal right now. main problem is the gay porn world is even more obsessive about body/style politics than straight porn. gay porn is ALL built, heavily hung, mostly white men. that’s not my style. my style is to get those guys as well as the bears, the chubby boys, the tattooed misfits of the underground, to join the cause.
Epiphora: oh man, that reminds me… i watched this horrible porno called bareback emo boys
Epiphora: i was so desperate to find cute boys rather than hunky dudes
Courtney: oooohhh dear lord
Epiphora: it was really bad though. really bad.
Courtney: hahah i can only image what emo porn looks like.
Epiphora: it’s guys with black hair and cute haircuts who never get hard. and kiss awkwardly.
Courtney: ugh. see this is why i need to move this project to the forefront
Courtney: since the beginning (2002) i’ve always been obsessed with visibility. as a fat girl, it started with fat girl visibility, and then moved from that to somehow documenting the obvious reality of everyone. discarding those limitations, and un-defining our looks and actions. this kind of porn won’t win recognition/awards from mainstream sources, but it will change the physical landscape of pornography.
Epiphora: definitely. that reminds me, though. i really love kimberly kane, and i loved her in nostalgia. but i was surprised. how do you feel about having more mainstream stars in your movies?
Courtney: i love kimberly kane. she’s incredible. she’s not a mainstream star, she’s an artist obsessed with analog photography, rough situations, and bringing as much of the nasty female fantasy out as she possibly can without getting arrested. have you seen morphine? that movie is OBSCENE and everything i’ve ever jerked off thinking about.
Epiphora: no, i haven’t! but i loved live in my secrets
Courtney: she has the guts to make moves about rape, drugs, blood, glory holes…
Epiphora: people were so freaked by the blood scene with her and sasha. it wasn’t even blood. i wanted it to be
Courtney: i wanted it to be blood too, ask kimberly why it wasn’t

Epiphora: i know there are like, fisting restrictions, right?
Courtney: it’s not acceptable for distribution. same reason why i have to edit out all the fisting in my DVDS (although you can find it on nofauxxx)
Courtney: JINX again
Epiphora: that’s so frustrating! what’s the deal with that? i mean, what’s so scary about a fist?
Epiphora: so as long as you keep the thumb out, it’s okay?
Courtney: oh yeah. you can have FIVE hands and no thumbs and it’s okay
Courtney: i shoot fisting all the fucking time. it’s what queer people do. it’s the easiest way to give a girl the best orgasm she’s ever had. and yet, i can’t put it in my films.
Epiphora: you should put it with blurred out hands, and text over it that says, “WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS ACTUALLY?”
Courtney: oh my god best idea EVER, blur the hands. i’ll ask coyote.
Epiphora: i can think of like 100 things more obscene
Courtney: i think i might steal your idea and have the political text over it saying “WTF is wrong with this?”
Courtney: what’s more obscene, and offensive, is the 100x titles put out this year based on “huge black cocks” — are we living in the 20s? like, 1920s?
Epiphora: YES. i hate those.
Courtney: i just shot seven mininutes in heaven 3 today so i am all fisting-blinded because when you leave 7 queer people in a room and pay them to “do whatever they want,” all they do is BEG BEG BEG me to let them fist each other. it’s fucking depressing that i can’t put out DVDs that match the reality of queer life.
Epiphora: god, that is REALLY depressing
Courtney: i will tell you, that i film them doing it anyways, and put in on nofauxxx because, well, i’m a rebel and i never ever do any good. 😉

when you leave 7 queer people in a room and pay them to “do whatever they want,” all they do is BEG BEG BEG me to let them fist each other. it’s fucking depressing that i can’t put out DVDs that match the reality of queer life.

Courtney: i shot 9 sex scenes today. or maybe 10 or 11.
Epiphora: oh! sounds exhausting
Courtney: not really exhausting, seven minutes in heaven is a magical sex party and i love every minute of it.
Courtney: i just show up with a camera and hope for a gangbang. hahahahahahahaa
Epiphora: hahaha and inevitably someone says “everyone do me”
Courtney: exactly!!! i don’t plan that shit.
Epiphora: and then epiphora says HOORAY
Courtney: this stuff doesn’t come out of my head, when it comes to seven minutes in heaven… i just show up with a camera and say this over and over: “whatever you want to do i will film it” — and when you give queer folks that kind of freedom you can only anticipate the craziest shit you’ve ever seen. i’m not the only one who has a lot to prove to the world, these performers are cast because of their ability to create that sex-party, and subliminal political sexual energy. it’s a sexual revolution happening in front of my eyes.
Courtney: this one is called “EPIC” and is probably 3 hours long.
Epiphora: HELL YES. i was sad that seven minutes 2 was only 1 hour
Courtney: #2 was a shorter day and i didn’t get enough footage. see, that’s the thing, is that it’s reality. it’s all based on my casting. people say i’m a genius at casting (at least my cast does) but there’s so much chemistry to think of. i can’t always calculate the stamina and craze-factor of a seven person cast with no script.
Epiphora: it’s definitely important not to force it. i really wanted to see james and puck together though
Courtney: aaaahhhh! that’s so funny because i’m working on a one-off scene with them right now.
Epiphora: you are reading my mind, obvs
Courtney: it’s called “dapper” and i think it’s a picnic scene. does that match your fantasy?
Epiphora: hahahaha anything with them matches my fantasy. i do like outdoor scenes though
Courtney: god they are both so cute you have good taste
Epiphora: haha
Courtney: shit are you tired? am i bothering you with my late night “put the real me out there” antics
Epiphora: lol i’m getting tired but i always stay up late
Courtney: me too. 5am is actually not a stranger to me. just say safeword when you’re done.

Concluded in part 4!