SheVibe’s new site = awesome

SheVibe’s new site is fast and fancy, with a kickass sidebar filter for narrowing down sex toy choices.

Browsin' SheVibe's new site on my laptop

There comes a time in every website’s life when it starts to outgrow itself. It becomes clunky, out-dated, technologically subpar. Building an entirely new site from the ground up is a huge undertaking. But that is just what my favorite sex toy retailer SheVibe has spent the last 2+ years doing, and today we get to reap the rewards in the form of their sparkling new website!

This new site is everything I’d hoped for. It feels expansive, fresh, and bright. SheVibe’s signature art (all drawn in-house by the freakishly talented Alex) looks somehow even more amazing than before. Products are shown in a grid format, so you can view more of them at once and spend less time scrolling. Search results are smarter, offering options to browse a particular brand page or a particular category.

SheVibe's new "did you mean?" search results
SheVibe's filtering options

My favorite feature of all is the sidebar filter, which allows you to drill down your search results to find something that fits your needs. My landing page remains a hub of all the best sex toys (in my vulva’s opinion), but now you can narrow down my favorites by brand, price, power source, and size!

SheVibe’s new site is not just an aesthetic re-design, but a complete overhaul of the systems and technology that power it. The site is beautifully responsive, scaling to fit any screen or device, with a vastly improved mobile shopping interface. It’s incredibly fast — as you tab through pages of product, only the products change, reducing page loads and saving time. One-page checkout is a breeze.

Oh, and product pages are decked out with even more info than before: in-depth descriptions, robust lists of features, care and cleaning tips, links to warranty info, and on some pages, a tab for “expert reviews” (THAT’S ME! And other bloggers, of course).

Stock remains similar — still, one of my favorite things about SheVibe is their willingness to take a chance on new manufacturers, companies whose work is not sold on many other retail sites (see: BS AtelierFunkit Toys, Crowned JewelsHole Punch, Lumberjill). You should create a wishlist of your dream toys, because SheVibe stocks SO MUCH good stuff — here’s my wishlist for ~inspiration~.

What hasn’t changed? The people. I’ve been spreading the gospel of SheVibe for nearly 8 years, and I have never heard a single complaint from readers. In fact, I hear raves: about their customer service, speedy shipping, incredible box art. Having spent time with the SheVibe crew, I understand why: these are people who genuinely care, who really want to earn the trust of their customers.

So when I look at the new, I see more than a re-vamped website. I see the company’s passion for improvement, their perseverance, their dedication to the blogger community. I see the stunning result of years of toiling behind the scenes, and I am so fucking happy for them.

Did I just get sentimental about a website? Yes, yes I did.

Celebrate SheVibe’s awesome new site by treating yourself! Peruse my favorites here.