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It’s the last day of Courtney Trouble week!
Roulette Berlin.

This shall excite you: Bordello is basically Clue porn. There is a murder, a selection of murder weapons, and a dramatic reveal at the end. It’s only 58 minutes long, but its composition and scope make it feel much more epic than any other Courtney Trouble film of the past. And everything — from the costumes to the set to the lighting — is done with a more exacting eye than ever before.

Bordello is hot as hell, really and truly, but it’s also deliciously subversive: its performers play with the theme of sexualized violence, using that violence and its objects (a gun, a knife) to embody queer experience. I was surprised at first, to see these objects used so overtly — then I was turned on. Very turned on.

Unlike Speakeasy, which had so little of a plot that I didn’t even mention it in my review, Bordello has a comprehensible plot that does not overshadow the action. And the breaks between the sex are not drawn out or boring. Some of them are even amusing!

The scenes are laid out quite smartly, in a way that separates them just enough — but not enough that they are disparate. The sections are as follows: “Intro: Madame and Servant,” “Part One: The Tricks and the Whores,” “Part Two: The Clues” (featuring four scenes: “The Gun,” “The Dagger,” “The Candlestick,” and “The Rope”), and “Part Three: The Mystery Revealed.”

From this you may assume that there are seven or eight scenes, but you would be mistaken — there are actually around ten. “The Tricks and the Whores” section is a montage, a conglomeration of three scenes, which works surprisingly well — especially since all the scenes are meant to be happening at the same time in the bordello. So Sophia St. James finger-fucks Carson on a dresser, Jolene Parton and Akira mess around on a chair near some windows, and Tina Horn bosses Vid Tuesday and James Darling around under some entrancing golden light.

But rewind, because it would be blasphemy to overlook the stunning first scene (“Madame and Servant”), which features April Flores and Billy Castro. They fuck on a green vintage couch that I need to own, all the while talking dirty to each other. Everything in this scene is perfect: April’s red hair splayed against the couch, Billy’s amazing cock, the intensity between them.

The scenes under “Part Two: The Clues” are all pretty great, too. My favorites were “The Gun” (Carson/James) and “The Candlestick” (Vid/Sophia). I never knew that I would think fellatio on a gun was hot, but holy crap, it is. I also never knew I wanted to see a candlestick up someone’s ass (yep, with the other end lit!), but apparently, I did. And I loved it.

“The Dagger” is a solo scene featuring Akira; she actually inserts the blunt knife into her pussy a little. “The Rope” features Tina and Jolene on some stairs, engaging in some rope play. The last scene, in “Part Three: The Mystery Revealed,” is short, but passionate. Billy and Sarah Lee Sinful fuck on a bed. Squirting ensues. I am happy.

On the DVD, there’s a Behind the Scenes featurette, which is fabulous content-wise, not so fabulous production-wise (very, very quiet at parts, with very loud swear-word beeps). And for the first time in Courtney Trouble’s porn history, there is a full scene included as an extra feature (Billy and Sarah Lee’s scene). THANK YOU, UNIVERSE! You read my mind!

I loved Bordello. It’s ambitious, original, hot, and subversive — the handiwork of a director who is really beginning to refine and perfect her craft. Courtney has come a long way since Roulette, and I’m excited to see what she does next. If Bordello is any indication, queer porn has a very bright future. Maybe even as bright as April Flores’ hair.

Buy Bordello at
Early to Bed, Come As You Are (Canada), or stream the best parts now!
Watch more of Courtney’s work at Indie Porn Revolution, Real Queer Porn, and PinkLabel.tv.

  • carnivalesq


  • Mona Fox

    I totally though clue was sexy when I was younger! Courtney trouble be readin my mind.

  • April Flore is amazingly hot. That scene looks amazing.

  • Natalie

    Granted, I am totally biased (as Vid is my partner-in-crime) but I loved Bordello. A LOT. Even more so because I visited the set during filming and saw the overwhelming amount of hotness in the cast and thought – “Damn, this is going to be good.” And it was even better!

  • Mona Fox

    Ditto about April Flores!

  • Wilhelmina

    this looks like the best one out of the bunch, which would make sense considering it’s the last one. looks like courtney definitely honed her skillz.

    this sounds amazingly hot to me. i *know* i’d find daggers in pussies, candlesticks in asses, and guns in mouths hot. and vid looks like a cutie.

  • Honor

    I must say, this sounds intriguing and highly sensual. Not all porn appeals to my love of mystery and beautiful kinky women, but this sounds like it fits the bill. I love the board game Clue and always thought it would make a great porno! Can’t wait to see Bordello and solve the mystery of the wet panties!

  • I’m so happy to see such a glowing review of Bordello! It was such a fun movie to work on, and it turned out so beautifully. It’s incredible how Courtney and Eon worked together to get some really gorgeous shots.

  • Judy Minx

    <3 OH MY GOD ! I want !

  • I want this one soooooo bad! I love those ladies on the cover 🙂 and I LOVED Clue… I have to see it! Pretty Pretty PLEASE!! 🙂 thanks for your great reviews as well!

  • Drew Deveaux

    the contentiousness, and power – not to mention enormous erotic potential – of sexualized violence is important to raise. its integration into the sensual lexicon is definitely an ongoing theme a lot of feminist porn. reclaiming, renaming, and reutilizing the tools and acts of oppression that have often been objectifying, or worse, can be incredibly effective if done right. to play with fire and, as you iterate, pull it off, and get people off in the process as well is a true achievement.

  • Looks like an awesome piece of work. I would love to own it!

  • Heather

    Wow this looks great! I love subversive queer films. I want too!

  • Oh wow, not only do I love the movie Clue but I also love the game. I so want to see this film not only because of your review (by the way your are awesome reviewer) but I am super intrigue by a porno clue and to top it off tweeps that know about this film and visited the set have said how hot and great it is.

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  • Selective Sensualist

    You’ve made me very curious about this one!

  • Bri

    Ok, I WANT to see this now. Like really a lot. My wish list is growing…

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