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It’s day three of Courtney Trouble week!
NostalgiaTomorrow: Seven Minutes in Heaven and a chat with Courtney Trouble pt. 2.

I had high hopes for Speakeasy, Courtney Trouble’s third film, because its premise is incredibly hot: a detective discovers an underground queer speakeasy where people do two things — fuck and fight. Mostly fuck. The costumes and music are reminiscent of the 1940s, and there is a loose storyline which doesn’t really matter. The score fits the film, bolstering its atmosphere rather than muddling it, which is a definite step up from the confusing musical selection of Roulette.

There were many reasons I should’ve liked Speakeasy. For one, the music in each scene actually fades out when the action gets hot and heavy — hallelujah! And unlike in Nostalgia, the scenes do not look like music videos, and the action is fluid and makes sense (perhaps too much sense — remind me again why I need to see every knot Dallas ties to create Jiz’s rope suspension?). Then there’s the cast: a fairly diverse array of performers, many of them quite physically appealing to me.

Sadly, several of the performers in Speakeasy suffer from what I call “cruise control moaning”: monotonous and repetitive sounds that don’t fluctuate and don’t provide me much of an indication of how they’re feeling. Lorelei Lee is the worst offender, and effectively ruins the promising first scene with her frenetic and overly-dramatic moaning. Did someone forget to tell her that she was shooting for Speakeasy, not I Can’t Believe I Took the Whole Thing 11? It’s a shame, because her co-star Tomcat is an excellent dirty talker and intense finger-fucker, and the scene would be very hot if Lorelei’s moaning was cut in half.

So Lorelei’s later scene with Billy Castro is unexciting as well, despite Billy’s hotness and Lorelei’s squirting. And the scene between Malone and Cyd, which begins with such passionate making out, dissolves into a sea of non-specific grunts. The lack of genital shots doesn’t help, either; I felt like I was essentially getting off to two guys in t-shirts in a suggestive position.

The rope suspension scene, featuring Dallas Fivestar and Jiz Lee, is decent. But alarmingly, the lighting and saturation vary widely from shot to shot, switching often from a beautiful and bright version of reality to a subdued and lackluster version. I am very distracted by things like this, which is perhaps why I wasn’t turned on by this scene, as much as I felt I should’ve been (Dallas and Jiz are both smokin’, as they say).

But that’s the problem I had with Speakeasy — it amounted to a great collection of “should’ve”s. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad film, and it’s a definite improvement over Roulette and Nostalgia with its more thoughtful music and scene pacing, but in the end, I can’t get off to monotonous moans.

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Watch more of Courtney’s work at Indie Porn Revolution, Real Queer Porn, and PinkLabel.tv.

  • Wilhelmina

    hmm. too bad about the moaning, especially from the “protagonist” (i’m guessing?)

    the 40s concept really gets me. i feel like i’d get off on the costumes and setting if nothing else.

  • I hate it when they moan like that. Just ruins it. But a suspension scene? I’d love to see that.

  • Mona Fox

    I disagree with you about Nostalgia…I love it! As far as I’m concerned, queer porn is good porn. And any girl moans are good moans. May I please have that copy of Speakeasy? I would cherish it fo-eva.

  • Mona Fox

    Also, I wonder if your sexuality isn’t very aurally fixated, because you always mention moans in your porn reviews. Personally, when I get turned on, my hearing basically switches off! To each their own, of course.

  • Mona Fox

    P.S. Thanks so much for doing a Courtney Trouble week! She’s a hero(ine) of mine and she deserves all the lovely attention your giving her.

  • ColletteHoll

    1940s Costumes and suspension? I don’t know…Those seem like they’d be pretty good redeeming factors!

  • I’m generally pretty mesmerized whenever I watch Dallas do rope work, so I tend to take the attention to her knots as part of recording the sex act, rather than an interruption thereof. Lighting was definitely an issue, as I recall Courtney once mentioning in an interview that Speakeasy was done without any film-quality lighting, so consistency was a problem.

  • @Mona Fox: I think I am fixated on everything, because I also always mention lighting. Both aural and visual matter a lot to me.

  • The lack of genital shots doesn’t help, either; I felt like I was essentially getting off to two guys in t-shirts in a suggestive position.

    I don’t know a ton about Malone or Cyd, but know what I know about gender and how much comfort level with shots, exposure, and certain acts can vary, as well as having read part 1 of your interview with Courtney, I have to wonder if that was what the performers were comfortable with. Courtney said that the performers decide who they fuck, how they fuck, etc., and I know that not all performers, especially many queer/genderqueer performers, are comfortable with all things. In fact, many only have certain acts, positions, or articles of clothing they’ll remove. That may have played a role in that scene, though, since I don’t know much about the two performers, I can’t say for sure.

    Just a thought.

  • @Britni TheVadgeWig: You are absolutely right about all that. And I certainly respect the performers’ desires. But I get off on genital close-ups… I’m just a creeper like that. So it is noticeable to me when they are left out.

  • Shannon D

    Hm, the “story” sounds interesting… and of course everybody loves screenshots!

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  • Selective Sensualist

    Nope, this one doesn’t sound like it’s for me. I love genital shots, too, and fake moaning is such a turn-off!

  • Bri

    I just really enjoy that there was so much thought (it appears) put into set, costumes and music. I hate when porns claim to be set in something like this and then don’t go past costumes and the way the chracters talk.

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