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The Jollies / Chavez Dezignz Jollet: it looks so simple, but there is virtually no other dildo like it. And not just because it’s polka-dotted. I mean, that helps quite a bit, but it’s not the main reason the Jollet rocks.

Made of 100% silicone, the Jollet is one of the most rigid silicone toys I’ve squeezed. It’s 7 1/2″ long, and 1 7/8″ in diameter at its widest point. In case you were wondering (I sure was!), the polka dots suspended in the silicone are actually little tiny puff balls. Aww, dildo arts and crafts.

The Jollet’s shape is similar to the Jollie’s — both feature a considerable bump near the head. The difference is that the Jollie has a handle — a handle that presses itself right onto my clit. I prefer to use a different toy on my clit, so the Jollet is the perfect solution. I can get the vaginal stimulation I want without a piece of silicone simultaneously jamming itself into my clit.

And the vaginal stimulation from the Jollet is AMAZING. I know the dildo doesn’t look especially innovative, but let me tell you… that bump is to die for. It’s very intense, especially during insertion (it almost always hurts a bit going in) — intense in the most glorious way.

The Jollet is not meant for thrusting; it’s meant to just hang out in the vagina. Yet still, it provides incredible stimulation: the bump hugs my G-spot, while the girth provides a great sense of fullness. The Jollet is the only toy I’ve come across that stays in place as though it were cemented inside my vagina. Really. It does not budge, even when I orgasm.

So, yeah, I’m in love. I have more than enough toys that I can thrust with, if I’m in the mood for that, but only the Jollet if I’m in the mood to be filled and not have to worry about holding the dildo inside. And the Jollet does everything I would want from a stationary dildo — it feels nice and thick, and it presses against my G-spot. It can even be very slightly thrusted — eh, more like slightly jiggled — and this intensifies the sensations dramatically.

Also, can I just say? Cutest base ever. The scalloped shape wins my heart (it looks so adorable standing up), and the silicone at the bottom is textured. It’s obvious some serious thought was put into this one.

[This toy is no longer available because the manufacturer, Chavez Dezignz, has ceased production for the time being. They might return to toy-making eventually — I’ll let you know.]

  • Saraid

    I love, love, love my Jollet!

  • Sarahbear

    The polka dots are too cute. I want one. =)

  • Good review, very informative and fun to read. The Jollet is obviously waaay too big for me, but I enjoyed reading how you enjoyed it! Different strokes for different folks — literally!

  • Sundae

    Drool, drool DROOL. I desperately want a Jollet, now I want it with the polka dots too!

  • Hahaha. Dildo arts and crafts. I laughed.

    But I want one. Legit. Mmmm, I like when things hit my good spot!

  • WhiskyC.

    That shape is perfect! Great review, as always. I haven’t seen this dildo anywhere in our shops – yet – but will definitely try to get my greedy hands on one 😉

  • Kate

    This sounds like my ideal dildo.
    You’ve sold me on this one!

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  • Sundae

    Ok, I would have just tweeted this at you if I were one to use twitter, but I ended up getting one of these polka dot Jollets too. I’d been looking at the solid colour ones, but this post totally tipped the balance. Puffs? Count me in. I can honestly say it arrived approx 40 mins ago and HOLY HELL YEAH. Truth be told, I’m not much a thruster, too lazy maybe, so this is just perfect. I also got a gold sparkly Jollie and they’re both amazing, but surprisingly different from what I could gather in my testing frenzy. So just wanted to say thanks for the review 😉

  • @Sundae: That’s awesome, Sundae! Really glad to hear that you love them both!

  • Beanfiddlers

    I thought the Jollet looked kinda boring until I read this review. Well, cute but boring as a toy.

  • @Beanfiddlers: Yeah, its shape is very unassuming at first, but it’s intense internally.

  • Selective Sensualist

    I have the Jollies and love it! I love to apply my Hitachi to either the tail of it or to the handle that presses against my clit. But I’d still love to have the Jollet as well. I love toys that you can clench around — and it would be nice to try different vibrators on my clit when I don’t feel like pulling out my huge Hitachi and getting near a wall outlet.

  • Bri

    Wow, this one is big (to me). But it’s so cute that I’d still want one. I’d just have to prep or work up to it.

  • Amy

    Omg this is so cute and i want one for my toy collection she would be so loved hehe. great review by the way i love it .

  • sophie2229

    I love the polka-dots (or as Sundae says Mother-fucking pom poms). I should use this one more.

  • Liz

    this is literally the cutest damn dildo i’ve ever seen. too bad it’s too big for me. 🙁 SOMEDAY, PERHAPS.

  • This looks awesome! I’m a huge fan of polka dots 🙂

  • Crystalline

    Totally cute and it’d be great as a G stimulator whilst focusing on the clit. That bump looks extremely awesome.

  • namelesschaos

    This is definitely an original looking toy. The polka dot on it are most definitely original. Now that I think of it do any toys other then Jollies’s come in polka dot? Because I can’t think of any.

  • Sarah Marlatt

    Rainbow dildo!

  • Bearded Lady

    I’ve been looking for this everywhere and I just can’t find it.
    Is it discontinued?

  • @Bearded Lady: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the company that makes the Jollet, Jollies, has gone out of business. The owner has confirmed this for me. Very sad…

  • I love the shape of this Chavez and I always prefer firmer toys, i will definitely have to try one at some point.

  • Kirby

    Love. This. I love the shape, I love silicone as a sex toy material, and I love that you can customize it in any way you please! I’m seriously considering ordering this model – the Jollet – but the vibrating version. It’s even the same price because the vibrator they put inside displaces its cost in silicone material. How amazing is that? I just have to think about how I would customize it… I’d probably get a purple one because that’s my favorite color. But I might get green instead because I’m thinking about an Irish theme with shamrocks and rainbows and gold glitter, LOL. I have no idea what I’ll decide, but it’s so much fun to ponder!

  • Shadowed Seductress

    I just got one, and while the shape is out of this world, and the polka dots are amazing, the silicone is just so firm. Really hard for me to get used to!

  • CatW

    I just received mine today, and it’s so much more lovely in person! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong though because my G-spot wasn’t feeling much. How far in is it supposed to go? Either my vagina is a lot more cavernous than I thought, or I’m not pushing it in far enough because I didn’t get any of the stretching or discomfort.

  • I find that it just kind of locks in place once the bump gets past my pubic bone. I think someone has to be pretty acquainted with their G-spot to feel the stimulation, since it comes from clenching rather than thrusting. But whether it feels like stretching is bound to be different for everyone.

  • Cassandra

    It’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!

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