Mar 142010

The Jollies / LuzArte Jollet: it looks so simple, but there is virtually no other dildo like it. And not just because it’s polka-dotted. I mean, that helps quite a bit, but it’s not the main reason the Jollet rocks.

Made of 100% silicone, the Jollet is one of the most rigid silicone toys I’ve squeezed. It’s 7 1/2″ long, and 1 7/8″ in diameter at its widest point. In case you were wondering (I sure was!), the polka dots suspended in the silicone are actually little tiny puff balls. Aww, dildo arts and crafts.

The Jollet’s shape is similar to the Jollie’s — both feature a considerable bump near the head. The difference is that the Jollie has a handle — a handle that presses itself right onto my clit. I prefer to use a different toy on my clit, so the Jollet is the perfect solution. I can get the vaginal stimulation I want without a piece of silicone simultaneously jamming itself into my clit.

And the vaginal stimulation from the Jollet is AMAZING. I know the dildo doesn’t look especially innovative, but let me tell you… that bump is to die for. It’s very intense, especially during insertion (it almost always hurts a bit going in) — intense in the most glorious way.

The Jollet is not meant for thrusting; it’s meant to just hang out in the vagina. Yet still, it provides incredible stimulation: the bump hugs my G-spot, while the girth provides a great sense of fullness. The Jollet is the only toy I’ve come across that stays in place as though it were cemented inside my vagina. Really. It does not budge, even when I orgasm.

So, yeah, I’m in love. I have more than enough toys that I can thrust with, if I’m in the mood for that, but only the Jollet if I’m in the mood to be filled and not have to worry about holding the dildo inside. And the Jollet does everything I would want from a stationary dildo — it feels nice and thick, and it presses against my G-spot. It can even be very slightly thrusted — eh, more like slightly jiggled — and this intensifies the sensations dramatically.

Also, can I just say? Cutest base ever. The scalloped shape wins my heart (it looks so adorable standing up), and the silicone at the bottom is textured. It’s obvious some serious thought was put into this one.

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