Apr 092010

These cuties would like you to drink their sodas, if you know what they mean… heh, heh…

Even though my boyfriend wasn’t a huge fan of his Sex in a Can series Fleshlight — the Succu Dry — I’m still giggling like a schoolgirl over this new, gay-oriented Sex in a Can series, Jack’s Soda.

It’s just so bright and playful! And campy; I mean, fruit sodas… for gay men. The “flavors” are Cherry Pop, Banana Cream, and Gape Soda. Oh yes, they went there. And the semen splatters seem oddly at home among the fruits…

I think I’m in love with this series because it reminds me of silly childhood things, like smelly markersxylophones, and Lisa Frank. That’s right — I just compared masturbation sleeves to Lisa Frank. Take that, elementary school!

Dorky aside: when I went to save this image from the Fleshjack website, the image name was dudes.jpg. Hell yeah, dudes!

Get Jack’s Soda at Fleshlight or Come As You Are.

Find the Fleshlight of your dreams at Fleshlight, FleshjackGoodVibes,
Early to BedLovehoney (international), or Come As You Are (Canada).

  • Saraid

    They’re like the boys of Fanta. I want them to come out in little robes, rip them off and start singing “wanna Fleshjack!” . . . yes, I’m completely serious.

  • ThatToyChick

    Psh. There is no time for singing in my fantasy. They’re too busy making out with each other.

  • @ThatToyChick: Singing while making out?

  • Carnivalesq

    I’m with @ThatToyChick. There is no time for singing while they’re making out.

  • Even I’m not that gay.

  • @Jaye of The Shiny Purple Ass-Missile:

    And to clarify: I’m pretty damn gay.

  • It’s so very wrong that these are so cute, it makes me just want to buy one of these for my husband for the can alone. He’d throttle me. Maybe I could get away with the banana cream can, it has just a mouth in it, and I can pray he never finds out. lol!

  • Too bad they don’t have a demo video for these with those exquisite boys on the site (like they do with the original with the male/female players)

  • Selective Sensualist

    This is cute. And I agree with Saraid that they bring to mind the Fanta girls! A similar commercial featuring them would be cute.

  • namelesschaos

    I don’t have too much interest in these just because the Sex in a Can I have is too tight for me. Although they are cute; and I think it noteworthy for those that do like the sex in a cans that the Jack’s has a texture not available (yet) on the hetero-line: the mini-endurance texture. (The corresponding toy in the hetero line has a mini-lotus which is supposed to stimulate vaginal intercourse, which is why I assume they replaced it with the mini endurance.)

  • Strawbrykiwi

    They also remind me of the gay versions of the Katy Perry songs- in fact, some of the models look like the guys from the parodies! I love the campy-ness!

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