May 252010

Oh joy! Oh rapture! My first ceramic toy!


This is the Signature, a very shiny ceramic dildo made by Duncan Charles Designs. Duncan Charles is a small (yet wonderfully generous!) operation based in Texas. They make their toys out of “refined Texas clay,” which means the clay “has no impurities or additives that are imported from other destinations.” Thank goodness! Wouldn’t want any of those Arkansas impurities…

The Signature’s packaging puzzles me, though. It comes in a large square shoebox-like box, taped shut. Inside, there is a layer of foam, a slip of paper with care instructions, a storage pouch, and the toy, lying diagonally in a valley of satin-covered foam. First of all, the box could be half the size and the dildo would fit fine. Secondly, something… smells. The foam smells funky and the box smells like thick perfume. The dildo came to me with a slight foam smell attached to it. I am opposed to this. Even my cats noticed these smells, so I promise I am not insane.

But moving on from my nose… the Signature is 8″ long and 1.5″ in diameter. It’s non-porous, sterilizable, and sealed with food grade glaze. Its highly ridged shape reminds me of a few toys I’ve tried in the past — the silicone Soft Serve, the glass Cobalt Twister, and especially the aluminum Dai-Do #4. I am a texture slut, and I’m not ashamed!

The Signature’s ceramic looks/feels like your standard glazed coffee mug. The glaze makes this dildo super smooth and slick, much like glass. A little lube (of any kind!) goes a long way. The ridges, however, are very intense, even for me. They’re just so abundant! Thrusting is too overwhelming most of the time, and can feel too much like being fucked by a large screw. I prefer to slide it in and jiggle it instead. I also love the hard ceramic for clenching my PC muscles around. I’m not sure if the ridges make this more pleasurable, but it feels good.

The Signature’s ridges also pull my NuvaRing out, every time, without fail. I’m used to this happening occasionally with certain toys, but the Signature is especially, um, skilled at it.

I was actually expecting ceramic to feel more unique. I’ve heard that there is a palpable — but hard to describe — difference between it and other materials. To my dismay, perhaps because of the glaze, the material didn’t feel like anything new. It’s very similar to glass and aluminum (especially the shiny aluminum in the Dai-Do line). The only really noticeable difference is in weight; ceramic is lighter than both those materials. This is a bit of a downside, to me, since I enjoy weightiness in hard toys.1

The Signature is not the easiest to clean; toothbrushes need to be involved. It comes with a black and gray checkered pouch for storage. I like the look of the pouch, but it’s a bit difficult to wrestle the toy into, especially since it closes with a flap rather than a drawstring.

The Signature is priced around $60, which is definitely reasonable considering its material and its handmade nature. But it’s probably not a dildo that will skyrocket to the top of your favorites list, and it’s not at the top of mine. I don’t love it, but I see nothing wrong with it. It’s a dildo for certain texture-craving times only; worth keeping around for those times, but not a must-have.

This toy has been discontinued and ceramic toys are hard to find…
your only real hope is the Pipedream Ceramix line.

Similarly-shaped toys include the Tantus PurrEvolved Fleur-de-lis, Pipedream Icicles No. 28Fun Factory TigerFun Factory Tiger, Tantus Echo, and Good Vibes Rippler.

  1. In case you were wondering, since I was, DCD toys are not hollow, but they do have “a very small air pocket designed to absorb resonance caused by accidental impact (1/4 inch wide and 2 inches deep).” []
  • Juliettia


    It definitely looks unique and interesting. 😀

  • Holly

    That definitely looks unique and just like a screw. Looks like it may be a little too textured for me and all I can think is pain.

  • Sarahbear

    This reminds me of when I was getting a Nuva Ring (lasted about 3 months before my emotions were so wonky I refused to use them anymore). My OB/GYN told me about one of her patients using it and her husband didn’t know. When they went to have sex he pulled out and looked down and said something like ‘is this a new game, like ring toss or something?’.

  • Hey Epiphora!

    I agree that Duncan Charles Designs is SO generous! Their ceramics are wonderful. They sent me the Pleasure to test out and review, and I absolutely LOVED it!


  • Tuesday

    I don’t notice a difference in how ceramic and glass feels either.

  • Sex & Law

    This thing scares the crap out of me. I was always too terrified to even try the Echo, let alone a ceramic dildo that looks like it might require a Philips head to remove. Awesome review, though.

  • @Sex & Law: Hahaha! I was actually considering mentioning the Echo, which is a lot more subtle in comparison and definitely a must-have in my toybox.

  • That quantity of texture sorta terrifies me, but it’s certainly very interesting looking. I totally get the screw analogy, that’s sorta how I feel about most of the toys with lots of texture that I’ve ever used.

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  • Polly Vincere

    Wow this one looks vicious to me – and I like texture.
    I’d sincerely be interested to know if you still like it.

  • Selective Sensualist

    I haven’t tried anything by Duncan Charles yet, though I definitely want to try the Pleasure (the one with the circular bloops). This one looks pretty intense.

    I have three smoothly-textured ceramic dildos by Lovemoiselle and love them (the Aveline, Elodie, and Noemie).

  • @Polly Vincere: To be honest, I haven’t used it since this review. I guess I’ve finally found a texture that is too much for me.

  • Bri

    I look at those pronounced ridges and my vagina cringes. I’m not much of a texture queen though. The ceramic toys still fascinate me ….want to try!!

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  • Crystalline

    Ooh, ceramic, sounds interesting. But that smell would also put me off immediately. It’s funny that they boast about the clay’s purity, but then go on to taint it with potentially toxic foam chemicals.
    The weight is an interesting feature; I didn’t think it’d be any lighter than the average.
    The texture is definitely intriguing, though, despite the annoying cleanup.

  • I have a much smoother dildo of theirs (because as we all know, my vagina is a wuss), more like a stack of balls. Maybe it’s because there isn’t so much ridonkulous texture, but it did seem slightly different from glass… not enough to be interesting, though.

    And wtf was with that bag?! It was the most frustrating thing I’ve handled since trying to bathe an angry puppy.

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