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So, peeps, remember those Twitter parties I held a while back? They were awesome and really fun, so I decided to hold some more! This time, there will be no theme, only no-holds-barred chatter about sex toys and whatever else arises. And this time, prizes will be dispensed throughout the party, and the prizes are GIFT CARDS!

Thanks to the folks at Tickle, I have two $10 gift cards, six $15 gift cards, and one $50 gift card to give away! These gift cards are electronic, so winners can spend the money the moment they receive the card number from me. Come and get ’em, amigos!

All you have to do is attend one or both of my upcoming Twitter parties. Simply participate in our discussion and you will be entered into the raffles for $10 and $15 cards, for a total of four winners per party.

Party #1: Saturday, August 21st, 3 p.m. — 4 p.m. PST. (what time for you?)
Party #2: Thursday, August 26th, 5 p.m. — 6 p.m. PST. (what time for you?)

We will use the hashtag #TickleCards. You must use this hashtag for your participation to count, so don’t forget! Also, be sure to follow me, @Epiphora, beforehand, or you won’t see my tweets.

The $50 gift card will be awarded via a random draw of all participants from both parties. You may earn extra entries into this particular drawing by doing any of the following and letting me know via the comments on this post:

  • Subscribe to my RSS feed or my email updates (3 extra entries)
  • Go to Tickle’s site and tell me what you’d buy if you won $50. (2 extra entries)
  • Follow Tickle on Twitter. (1 extra entry)
  • Comment with a party discussion suggestion! (1 extra entry per suggestion)

I hope to see you at the parties! I look forward to chatting it up!

Restrictions: One gift card per person. To win, you must be of legal age to buy sex toys. And… you must be awesome.

  • Do you want separate entries, hmm?

    I’m following Tickle on le twitter and if I had $50, I’d replace my Tuyo!

  • @adriana: No need for separate entries at all. Also, Tuyo? Really? I’m very surprised by this!

  • LucyLemonade

    I follow Tickle on twitter, subscribe to email updates and I would probably get the weird ice vibe bullet they have. I have a thing for ice, always wanted to try it.

  • I’m subscribed to you and follow Tickle. I would get the Lovemoiselle Elodie, for obvious reasons.

    Discussion question: How sex toys and human beings are totally different, and one cannot replace the other.

  • I’m subscribed to email and RSS feed, I’m following TIckle on twitter, and If I won the $50, I’d buy the Elements Omega by Tantus. It’s so PRETTY. I want a purple one… Because purple toys on Twitter is the thing to do, you know :P.

    Discussion Question: How sex toys can completely change just by being used by someone else on you

  • FD

    I subscribe by email.
    If I won the $50 gc I would buy myself the Tantus Alumina Revolve!
    I follow tickle on twitter.

  • LadyAstolat

    I subscribe to your RSS feed, I follow Tickle on Twitter and if I won the $50 gift card I’d use towards the purchase of njoy Pure Wand!

  • amber

    The squweel looks amazing, I’d get that in heartbeat 🙂

  • MamaInStilettos

    subbed RSS via google reader

  • MamaInStilettos

    I would use my $50 towards the purchase of a we-vibe2. I am obsessed with getting this toy!!

  • Outspoken Clitic

    I follow you, I follow Tickle, I subscribe to your feed, and I’d probably go for the Fun Factory Tiger.

    As for discussion topics, I’d love to chat about any new stuff coming out that people are excited about. And I also think it would be fun to discuss how one might use sex toys to increase their odds of survival in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Polly Vincere

    A. I’ve been subscribed to you since…uhhh…Nov. 08 or so.
    B. I think I’d get the We-Vibe II. It’s on sale and now I finally have a partner willing to try anything I want!
    C. I follow Tickle Spot on twitter.
    D. Discussion Topic: How many toys do (you) keep handy versus the amount you keep in storage? Example: I keep between 3 or 4 in the nightstand, but have many more in the storage.

    I’m surprised you’ve not changed your avatar since we all have broken up with the Purple Wonder. 😉

  • Im subscribed to your feed via email,

    Following Tickle on Twitter

    And I’d Grab the LELO mia whilst it’s on sale with the $50

    Can’t wait for the twitter parties!

  • Shannon

    If I won the $50 gift card, I would buy an Ophoria Finger Vibe & a Ramsey Rabbit and maybe a new lube to try.

  • Shannon

    Oh and I follow Tickle on twitter! @sexysweetieshan

  • Wilhelmina

    i already follow your RSS feed and tickle’s twitter. if i got a $50 giftcard, i’d shell out a little extra and get the siri or the athena.

    discussion suggestion: how much is too much? or, what’s your sex toy consumption style? as many pieces as possible because you love variety, only sticking to a small amount of pieces that are wonderful quality, etc?

  • I’d like to discuss what the strongest vibe everyone owns is. 🙂 Or how they feel about rabbit vibes.

    I’m following MyTickleSpot on Twitter.

    If I had a $50 giftcard, I’d probably put it towards picking up a Nea. 🙂

  • Tuesday

    I already subscribe to you in every way.

    I’ll buy a pink Ophoria Beyond 3 if I’m the lucky $50 winner.

    Topic suggestion: Favorite types of porn. I’m always interested to know what others like.

  • Ava Darke

    I followed Tickle on Twitter! (@AvaDarke)

  • Ava Darke

    Oh, and topic for discussion…sex toys for married people. How they can help keep things fresh!

  • Amanda

    Subscribed via email. 🙂

  • Amanda

    I am following Tickle on Twitter as A_K_A2010

  • Amanda
  • @Epiphora: Yes. it was awesome for grinding against, despite the ridiculous noise factor.

  • Shannon D

    I already subscribe 🙂 I also follow you and Tickle on Twitter (@PurpleDog08)

    I would probably buy the Ophoria Beyond no. 3 if I won the $50 gift card or had $50 to spend. That or I’d put it towards a harness (Sedeux Divine Diva Plus Size Harness) and a dildo that was compatible with that…

    Topic suggestions: Being walked in on or caught having sex, masturbating, etc. First toy, and first toy that you thought was really great, if they’re not the same toy. Most interesting situation where you were interrupted in the middle of something sexual? (having to stop dogs from barking, having to stop to take something out of the oven that was baking, cat freaking out and having to go figure out why… lol)

    Really hoping I’ll be able to join in on Thursday! I move back into dorms at school on Thursday but I will have to sneak away from friends from 8 to 9 pm! Most people won’t even be around that night, so I’m not going to worry about it. OR if I do, I’ll make sure I have my computer with me and connected to the internet while we watch tv or whatever 😉

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  • I subscribed to your email updates.

    Following Tickle on twitter.

    If I won the $50 I would get a Better than Chocolate or a Lelo Mia. Or maybe a Layaspot and something else.

    And there should totally be Harry Potter trivia (I can’t help it I’m a fan girl) for the Twitter parties

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  • CLP

    Alrighty! I:
    –Subscribe to your feed via Google Reader
    –Follow @myticklespot on twitter as @MeowWontPurr
    –I would seriously consider getting the Bendybeads by Fun Factory. I’ve been watching them for a while! So cute.

    Okay! About to start!! 😀

  • Jess Manifesto

    I’m already a RSS subscriber and I follow both you and Tickle on Twitter. If I won a card, I’d use it for a mystic wand, since it’s on sale for less than $50 right now!

  • I subscribed to your email updates. (3 extra entries)

    I follow Tickle on Twitter. (1 extra entry)

    If I won $50 I’d become the proud owner of an nJoy Fun Wand. Rawr. (2 extra entries)

    Party discussion suggestion: ASS PLAY. Bet you would have never guessed that in a million years, huh? (1 extra entry)

    Let the party begin! We have tequila and everything!

  • I’m following you and Tickle. I signed up for email updates and I would buy the Elements Pi if I won the $50. =)

  • Ash

    followed Tickle (sales are always good things to know about), subscribed to your email updates, and looked through Tickle’s website–i was thinking i’d browse around, etc. etc., but the truth is there are two things i know i want desperately and just haven’t had the money for yet. the SHARE XL (i’m fucking obsessed with the SHARE, though i don’t own one of my own–just my partner’s–so i haven’t fucked with it all that much) and the pure wand. the pure wand has always looked beautiful and i don’t have a great g-spot toy, but then i read your review and knew i had to have it. so hopefully i will find the money for it.

    oh, also: seeing as i moved into college today and had to scramble with two of my friends (one of whom my mom was kind of unsure about [“how do you know a forty-two year old married woman?” …certainly not through the fetish community, mom]) to try and find a place to store my current toys/lube, etc., the red faux leather toybox by devine toys would be super helpful.

  • Splendwhore

    I subscribe to your RSS

  • Splendwhore

    I subscribe via email.

  • Splendwhore

    If I won the $50, I’d get a bcurious from Tickle.

  • Splendwhore

    Following Tickle on twitter.

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  • subscribed by RSS

  • I’d buy the LAYAspot if I won! 🙂

  • following Tickle on twitter

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  • Panzi12

    If I won the $50 card I would buy a glass dildo! I’ve been dying to try one, my friends rave

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