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Once upon a time…

…my sex toy collection fit in one toybox (and my photography skillz sucked):

This photo was taken on September 6th, 2008. Most of the toys in this box are toys I never use anymore — or that I’ve given away. The exceptions are the Turbo Glider (still awesome, though used rarely) and the Gold Ribbed Love Wand (my first glass dildo — sorta like this — and remains one of my favorites).

This was before my toys spilled into five different cases, and way before I switched to plastic drawers for storage. I still had yet to try a silicone dildo, or a butt plug that I could really walk around with. And I hadn’t discovered my G-spot, either.

Yep, definitely don’t miss those days.

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  1. All my toys are still in the packaging that I got them in. Though I’m planning on getting rid of a ton of toys I don’t use anymore.

  2. any good suggestions for toy boxes that are kid proof and arent insanely expensive? mostly looking for something that isnt clear and locks really well. also needs to hold quite a few toys 😉

  3. Ah yes, I remember those days… back when my toys all fit in a pair of FYN footlongs. When I still didn’t get “the whole silicone thing,” and was just discovering than parabens hated me. Before discovering my g-spot, and butt toys, and vibrators with real power.

    Before it took me 2 carry-on suitcases to move my whole toy collection to and from college, and a rolling trunk to store it in.

    Back when jelly was a perfectly acceptable toy material, as long as you held your nose.

    Yeah, I don’t miss those days, either. 😛

  4. My toys and accessories all currently fit nicely in a drawer. I wish I had a collection like yours, I am definitely jealous.

  5. It’s interesting that you say all storage options on the market are overpriced. How do you come to that conclusion? Do you know how much it costs to manufacture a product and you think that the storage people are just trying to price-gouge? As a small manufacturer providing a discreet locking mechanism that exists in no other product on the market I take offense to your statement that my storage products are over-priced. Perhaps if I had the buying power of the manufacturers that are selling to Home Depot I would be able to bring the pricing down but as it is, I can virtually guarantee you that none of the storage providers in the adult novelty market are cashing in at your expense any more than the makers of quality products like Lelo are… we all just want to provide the best product at the best price we can swing to stay in business. Thank you for letting me say my peace 🙂 I do love your writings 😉

  6. @Dawn Tulman: This is the second time you’ve come to my blog to criticize my opinion about toy boxes, and not once have you ever left a comment beyond these two, so I find it a little hard to believe that you love my writing. In any case, please take note that I was responding to a comment asking specifically for inexpensive storage options that hold “quite a few” toys. Your ToiBox (which I linked to so the commentor could see all their options) is neither budget-friendly nor large.

    I use the word “overpriced” because in comparison to other options that are not made specifically for sex toys, they are. To get technical, your ToiBox is $100 and offers roughly the same amount of storage space that one drawer of my plastic cart does. Therefore, if I wanted to store just the same amount of toys that I store in my plastic cart (which is not even half my collection) in ToiBoxes, I’d have to spend $600.

    I fully understand why your product is priced the way it is, and frankly I’m a bit offended that you would insinuate otherwise. But when it comes down to sheer space and bang for your buck, I cannot sit here and recommend a small, $100 box simply because it costs your company a lot to manufacture it.

  7. If the Toibocks were able to hold more than it does, for the same price, I might not agree so readily that it’s overpriced. And while I know full well, just as you do Epiphora, that it’s a specialty item with a unique function made by a small manufacturer……I don’t think the quality is high enough to warrant their cost. I own one; I bought it myself and as I see the velvet-flocked-paper (or whatever that stuff is) pull away from the wood I have to wonder about the price vs quality of it. Not too long ago I had the locking mechanism briefly failed on me which caused about 15 minutes of sheer panic, that I would never be able to access the contents without a saw.

    So that it doesn’t seem like I’m picking on Dawn’s company, I’ll throw in my agreement on the other manufacturers: Devine is overpriced; most of their storage is small with the exception of the Playchest which has probably the shittiest locking mechanism of any case I’ve owned, not to mention a low quality pleather/patent leather material that sticks to itself and leaves traces of black on the pink. Their other products with mini padlocks are also shitty locks, I had one completely fail on me, we had to get a lock-pick set out to get into the case. The FYN cases are debatable. The bigger ones with pouches might be worth it, but the early zippers and handles were low quality. The smaller ones are no better than your average makeup tote that can be bought at Target, just with two zipper pulls and a lock added.

    Maybe we’re the wrong people to be judging their value in relation to what they hold, though? I’d guess that as sex toy reviewers we have 10 times (or maybe a lot more) more sex toy products than your average person. If just one of those specialty options was enough to hold my entire collection I MIGHT feel ok with their retail cost. Maybe. If the quality was better. A lot better.

    What was my point again……

  8. Honestly, a large toolbox with a place for a lock worked great for me for a long time. I actually got it at the thrift store for three bucks.

    As to the specialized adult locking cases – they are certainly lovely but I’m not going to spend more on the case than I did on the toys. My FYN case that I use when I teach classes at a shop or event is fantastic – it’s chic, it locks, and it’s totally discreet; but it’s still less expensive than the majority of the toys in it, and it’s in my collection because I do travel a lot with them. Having sex positive, pro-small business sensibilities does not mean that I need to be insensible with my spending.

  9. I’m sorry you felt I was criticizing your opinion, I really did want to have a conversation about it, which was why I asked questions. Knowing how people think helps me to be a better manufacturer and I mean that sincerely. I do read your blog and commented on this post because I was kind of brought into the conversation when you mentioned the ToiBocks. Your initial comment to the reference to ToiBocks was “Honestly, most storage that is specifically made for sex toys is overpriced.” and then you mentioned ToiBocks. My failing was not going back to the original comment that you were responding to, I missed that and I do apologize. I would never ask a reviewer to recommend my product if they didn’t like it but I have my life invested in my brand and felt compelled to protect it. I hope that makes sense and I hope you have an amazing day 🙂

  10. My first storage was a huge wooden suitcase I found at thrift store, and I lined it with contact paper. I don’t use it much anymore, other than storing bags and extra stuff. It just isn’t convenient pulling it out from under the bed and then rifling through plastic baggies, just to pull out a toy from the day before. It’s as though when my knowledge of body safe materials went up, so did my storage needs. I’m a bit of a Silicone Hound.

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