A likely lack of posts

It seems insane to me, but in about a month, I will be graduating from college. It is terrifying and, at this point, a bit incomprehensible. I still have a thesis to research and write, along with other presentations, papers, and general schoolwork. The end is near, and yet it doesn’t feel like it is, because I have not yet come to terms with the fact that I need to do my thesis. I’m hoping writing this post can be a step toward realizing that I need to get moving on it, and fast. I hate to step away from this blog, but college needs my attention for the next several weeks.

I’m not sure I will even post or review at all before I graduate. As guilty as I am bound to feel about not reviewing, I need to reassure myself that the only thing I need to work on right now is my schoolwork. I will continue using toys, and will probably tweet about it, but that’s the most writing outside of my thesis/papers that I plan to do. If I find the time or energy to finish a review or two, great — but it’s not a goal of mine. I have the rest of my post-college life to continue reviewing.

I have quite a few things to review once I finish school. Here’s a little amuse-bouche in the meantime (now updated with links to the reviews).

For now, send me your most optimistic thoughts, and advise me on which toys should serve as a reward for surviving the last four years (anyone want to buy me the Pure Wand?).