And the winner of the Pure Wand is…

njoy Pure Wand

After all the voting on the entries for the Pure Wand contest, I am proud to finally announce the winning entry: body writing, the fantastic feat of epic proportions done by Merrill and her friend, Rachelle! As per Merill’s entry, Rachelle will be the recipient of the Pure Wand. I’m very excited about this, since Rachelle apparently has never owned a sex toy in her life. It is entirely possible that Rachelle will disappear from the face of the earth for days after receiving the Pure Wand. It’s only natural.

A huge thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter (you guys did some awesome stuff!), and those who took the time to vote as well. And a massive round of applause for Play Passions — without their generosity, this contest would never have come to be.