Review: Raspberry Chunk

Dream Toys Raspberry Chunk

I’ve had my eye somewhat indifferently trained on the Raspberry Chunk for a while now. In March, I reviewed the Lemon Drops, a juicer-type glass dildo made by Dream Toys. The theory behind juicer dildos is that turning a handle/crank is easier (and more fun?) than simply twisting a regular dildo. That sure sounds rad, but I can now say with confidence that it doesn’t work wonders for me.

Everything I said in my Lemon Drops review about the Dream Toys company still applies: their toys are reasonably priced (at $40, the Raspberry Chunk is pretty cheap for a toy of its kind), each toy comes in a nice black box lined with white satin, and the company offers a “Lifetime Replacement Warranty” should you damage your toy in any way. This is all very nice.

But… the Raspberry Chunk is just a very squat glass dildo with a weird handle on it. It’s not revolutionary.

My main beef with the Lemon Drops was its five-inch handle. For solo use, it was basically impossible to use the handle for spinning purposes. I had to try the Raspberry Chunk because its handle is much, much shorter. Unfortunately, the handle yet again did not turn my crank (har, har). The handle did not make my dildo-twisting life any easier. It was easier than with the Lemon Drops, but still no better than good, old-fashioned twisting.

And then there’s the shaft. It has red bumps and a bulbous head. Sounds good, only the bumps are too flat to even be felt, and the dildo is too short for the head to hit my G-spot. It’s not very filling, either.

I enjoyed the Raspberry Chunk considerably more when I was not the person manning it. When my boyfriend used it on me, I was able to focus on the sensations, rather than the handle issues — and hey, it felt pretty good. There were still moments, though, when the awkwardness of the handle caused my boyfriend to poke around too much. He reported that the handle made it marginally easier to spin the dildo, but he still didn’t feel very in control.

So I’m feeling a bit indifferent about the Raspberry Chunk. I won’t be reaching for it myself, but I may toss it at my boyfriend to use on me once in a while. I suppose someone with a hankering for a short dildo would be pleased with the Raspberry Chunk, just don’t be fooled into thinking the handle is going to make twisting the dildo any easier — or any more fun.

Now, if you happen to have a juicing fetish, you are in luck. I mean, who doesn’t want to imagine that a vagina is a lemon that you must… make lemonade… from?