Review: Durex Play Vibrations Focus

Durex Play Vibrations Focus

My boyfriend and I are big fans of Durex condoms. When we started having sex, we tried a few different types of condoms and he preferred those. Plus, they consistently garner high marks in tests and surveys. So the most exciting part of the Play Vibrations Focus was that it came with an Extra Sensitive condom.

The small pink box featured a drawing of the vibrator and the promise of “sensual pleasure” and “new intimate fun!” (New. Really.) Inside, the vibrator was nestled in a plastic casing with a thin sheath of plastic covering it. The plastic read “EXP 2011.” There was a tab on the edge of the plastic sheath for peeling the cover away to get to the vibrator. I’ll admit I enjoyed peeling it off. A lot.

The packaging kept telling me the toy was good for “approximately 20 minutes of pleasure,” so it quickly became clear that this is a disposable vibrator. Along with the condom, the box contained an informational pamphlet for the condom and a booklet for the vibrator that included the very obvious instructions for operating it (and confirmation that once the battery dies, it’s over).

During sex, this vibrator fit snugly on my finger, not spinning or falling off, but that’s about the only thing it succeeded at. The bullet has an interesting swirled texture to it that feels nice on the skin, but the vibrations. The vibrations! They just weren’t remotely strong. Comparable to the first vibration level of any other vibrator: not horrible, just not that good.

I knew the moment I touched it to my clit that I wasn’t going to get off on that vibration. Even so, I forced my boyfriend to try it on for size. Unless he wanted to put his pinkie in the sheath, it did not fit his fingers. He could put them inside it, but only a little bit, which does not allow for much control. Considering I already take years to cum during sex, we tossed the vibe onto the nightstand and grabbed my Xtreme Pack G-spot Bullet (jeez, I should be banned from mentioning that toy in my reviews, but it always seems to pop up!).

On another day, I decided to give the toy a chance to make me cum during a masturbation session. I turned on an incredibly hot Naughty America scene between Roxy Deville and Steven St. Croix. Considering I was basically instantaneously wet, it was no surprise that the vibrator felt good on my clit. But any vibration from anything would’ve seemed good.

As time went by, my frustration mounted. With any other toy, I would’ve turned it up to a stronger vibration level. Without that option, I could only fantasize about another toy (not mentioning names!).

It did get me off. But my orgasm was very unfulfilling; I felt like I needed to continue to masturbate.

The vibrator’s lifespan was 35 minutes. With the very low bar set at 20 minutes, I guess this was an accomplishment.

It seems clear to me that Durex is marketing this toy to people who don’t know any better, people who don’t know they could get a non-disposable finger vibe (and it would most likely have stronger vibrations, too). Good try, Durex, but you can’t fool me. Please, stick with making kick-ass condoms.

(As I was finishing up this review, I asked my boyfriend, “what are the pros of this?”

He said, “it vibrates.”)