Review: Stimulating O Gel

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You probably don’t know this, but I’m fucking in love with Sliquid. I love their H2O and Sassy lubes, which are odorless, flavorless, and have a grand total of five ingredients each. Amazing? I think so.

A desire for an all-natural clit stimulating gel is what lead me to Sliquid’s Stimulating O Gel. The last clitoral gel I tried was Shunga Secret Garden, which lists glycerin (A.K.A. “yeast infection”) as ingredient #2. The rest of the ingredients list is nothing to be proud of, either — lots of parabens (potentially carcinogenic), and L-Arginine (may cause outbreaks in those with genital herpes).

By contrast, O Gel’s ingredients are as follows: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Gum), Peppermint Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Menthol, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits), Extracts of Hibiscus, Flax, Green Tea, and Sunflower Seed.

So O Gel is missing the big three ingredients that suck (glycerin, parabens, and L-Arginine), and doesn’t contain any other fishy things. It should not cause issues for most people, except for my poor friend Elodie who is allergic to aloe, and for those who wish to use it with latex. Since this gel contains natural oils, it is not latex-compatible.

O Gel comes in a tiny, 100% recyclable 1 ounce bottle sealed in plastic. It has a very secure top that pops off to reveal a small spigot. The pump is easy to control — no accidents yet. The gel itself is clear and thick, and sits nicely atop my fingertip until it is massaged into my clit (rather than oozing off, like some gels and lubes do).

I don’t ask a lot of stimulating gels like this. I require that the sensation be palpable, and that it last for a reasonable amount of time. O Gel really only hits one of those targets: it feels good, but it doesn’t last. Left undisturbed on my clit, no matter if I use one pump or two, it lasts between 7 and 11 minutes.

One pump feels nice and cooling; two pumps feels awkward and burny. With one pump, the stimulation is nice; the cooling sensation is noticeable and makes me aware of my clit. It feels like most clitoral gels feel: good, but not life-changing (usually). Like other gels, it feels more intense when a toy is applied to it, but then the gel wears off even faster.

And I’m pretty sure that 7-11 minutes isn’t very commendable. My Shunga gel lasts 30 minutes, and I asked a friend to test her Intimate Organics Intense Gel, which she reported lasted about 26 minutes. The reason this matters is because 7-11 minutes isn’t quite enough time for me to become fully engrossed in clitoral sensations. It’s actually the perfect amount of time for me to put on the gel, enjoy it, and then forget that it was ever there.

So while O Gel is inherently better than most gels due to its ingredients list, its longevity is definitely lacking. If 7-11 minutes sounds like the perfect amount of time for you, then by all means, go for it! But I’d rather have a gel that lasts 25-30 minutes, so that my clit can keep prodding me to do something to it, prodding me until I give in — rather than disappearing before I’m convinced.

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[In my opinion, Earthly Body’s Love Button balm lasts longer.]