Where to go from here

Welcome to my life. Sex toys all around, a laptop, measuring tape, coffee, batteries...

Passing the one-year mark on this blog has led me to think a lot about what I should change around here. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing when I started Hey Epiphora in October of 2008, and I’ve just been kinda going with the flow since then. That flow has mostly included reviews, contests/giveaways, and miscellaneous banter.

In my recent contest, I asked for suggestions. A couple readers suggested that I write about my personal life. I wasn’t sure — and still am not sure — how to feel about this. This blog has never been grounded in my personal life; certain posts detailing specific life events have cropped up over the months, but I haven’t had much desire to write more than that. I still don’t have much desire to write about it.

The truth is, my current life is really boring. I get up in the morning, drink coffee, check Twitter and my RSS feeds. I watch documentaries and bad reality TV. I take naps. I hug my boyfriend. I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I make casserole. I work on reviews, little by little. I think about cleaning my apartment, then I don’t. I consider my unemployment and how I’m ever going to get a job, then don’t do much about it. I chat with the few true friends I have on Google Talk. Sometimes, but not a lot, I hang out with these friends. I eat popcorn in bed. I sleep.

Is this day-to-day drivel what you want to read about? It’s not what I want to write about. I want to write about sex toys. I have realized that shaping this into a catch-all sex toy blog is probably what I want to do. I’d like to start having more features, recurring features. I want to write the occasional post about my sex life, sure, but no more than that (if you didn’t know, I loathe the idea of writing anything that could at all be interpreted as erotica. Ever. On any planet.).

So here are my ideas for the future of Hey Epiphora. Some of them were suggested in the contest, some were not. I would love your feedback on them.

  • Guides. I’m slowly working on a guide to worthwhile porno guys. Other guide ideas: phthalates, materials, the G-spot. These will take a while, so I’m a bit afraid of them at the moment.
  • Round-ups, once I figure out how to easily format them, so that you can see my latest posts at a glance.
  • “Um, No” and “Hell Yes” features — succinct, pithy posts about sex toys/sex toy related things that are either horrifying or alluring. I already did one, and enjoyed it greatly.
  • Comparison reviews. This is a stretch, for me, as it will probably involve re-reviewing certain toys… but I hope it will be useful to you. Any ideas for product comparisons?
  • Live tweeting/blogging. I think this would be really fun, but I need ideas as to what I should live blog/tweet. I was thinking porn, or perhaps a complicated sex toy?

What do you think? I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you have. I hope Hey Epiphora can become a blog that you enjoy visiting and reading even more than you did before.